My Instant Recharge, Reboot and Regeneration (Thank you Sharni Maree Taylor)

Strong, Powerful and in the Zone - Sharni Maree Taylor rocks and I loved her Endermologie treatment!

Strong, Powerful and in the Zone – Sharni Maree Taylor rocks and I loved her Endermologie treatment!

I had a treatment session that changed my life for the better. It took me from being slightly anxious to getting ‘in the zone’ ASAP. I am very impressed and must share my story with you all.

Some many wonderful months ago I was staring at my PC screen working on the Meetup platform and I had an email sent inviting me to an event for ‘Healing Therapists’.

I usually do not take the cold emails too seriously, but there was something different about this one. The style and language gave me an immediate vibe of strength, intelligence and matter of fact. I even checked if I had an evening on to see if I could make it.

With this great impression I decided to say YES and do it. I met the organiser who exuded the strength I felt through the email and we both clearly ‘clicked’. She ran an incredible event and we eventually met up for lunch and I became friends with the Endermologie Specialist & Therapist Sharni Maree Taylor.

She rocks and as we got to know each other, I eventually booked in with her for an Endermologie Treatment session at her beautiful Alkaline Spa & Clinic (in the beautiful Potts Point Eastern Suburb of Sydney).

This was pretty much the first time I ever heard of the term ‘Endermologie’ and after an incredible day of treatment I have traversed from the ‘unknown’ to an ‘advocate’ extreme quickly.

It is an awesome natural treatment that uses ‘negative pressure’ that to my understanding is applied through a machine that uses a series of rollers combined with vibrational frequencies.

I was totally fascinated by it and as Sharni performed the treatment on my skin it felt like an incredible relaxing experience and you could feel the actual healing going on around you. I understand it (at a very simple non-technical level) to use the negative pressure to open up areas, bring in blood flow and remove toxins from the system by ensuring it leaves parts of the body to go into the blood stream (where it gets discharged from the body).

The results? As a critical sceptical thinker, I was very impressed and shall be back for more. I loved the treatment and these is what it gave me (almost immediately):

  • I had a small headache that was removed in about 20 minutes (and hasn’t come back the whole day).
  • Lots of my aches (including my lower back, neck and knee) is all cured and I love it.
  • My skin colour is much brighter today.
  • My love handles / hips (which I am working on) lost immediate size and my jeans were looser. I am serious and impressed how quickly this played out. 
  • I carry a lot of anxiety around with me (no lol), and it’s removed. I went from the feeling of anxious to a productive ‘in the zone’. 
  • I also woke up really early the following day with ease, ‘Bright eyed and bushy tailed’. The energy increase is very noticeable. 

Endermologie is just incredible and Sharni Maree Taylor totally blew me away. In also hanging out my dirty washing in saying this (but in coming clean), I have been planning on getting some treatment to remove the excess fat on my love handles and stomach. This is perfect for that and it’s on my list.

My advice and thinking? I love it. It’s wonderful. This new treatment has won a special place in my heart and Sharni my further respect and admiration.

Stay tuned on this one, I shall be going deeper into this awesome treatment and going down the rabbit hole to wherever it takes me. If you like the sound of this type of treatment, I encourage you to take action and learn more about it. The results were also strangely immediate so you know it’s working and getting results.

To learn more about the awesome Alkaline Spa & Clinic Potts Point and to book; call (+61 2) 9332 2500 and ask to book in with Sharni. Also visit their Facebook Page here!