Tough, Strong, Intelligent and Incredibly Kind - Heath Thompson invited me to a great Isagenix Event tonight. Not a bad concept indeed....

Tough, Strong, Intelligent and Incredibly Kind – Heath Thompson invited me to a great Isagenix Event tonight. Not a bad concept indeed….

Hello Awesome People!

I bet many reading this article is rightly disagreeing with it’s heading. I don’t blame you actually, if any concept has had it’s name dragged through the mud, it’s certainly the “Multi-Level Marketing” Industry (“MLM”).

If you haven’t heard of this type of concept before, it’s basically a reference to companies that are into Direct Selling with their pyramid style of distributing profits to people underneath them (e.g. you get a cut of what people beneath you earn, including who they recruit and so on).

I think MLMs in it’s own right is an awesome concept. You can be part of a great company, have minimal experience, not have a lot of money and be in business for yourself selling great products of one form or another. Great for the beginners.

One great concept I am a massive fan of is Isagenix. I am not a member of it (I am not an active member of any MLM concept) and I was lucky to visit an Information Session tonight with my awesome colleague Heath Thompson (who has lost plenty of weight with the concept). From a man who has created and run many Networking Groups, met hundreds of people and had been approached by almost every concept under the sun, I was really impressed by their business model and how it works (I am also a fan of Neways, Send Out Cards and a few others too).

In short, this model is a series of Nutritional, Health Improvement, Weight Loss and Anti-Ageing products. You basically sign up as a user, try them yourself, (with a money back guarantee) show off your improved health by looking fabulous, and then share your wins with other people around you. What impressed me about this concept was their integrity, the science behind their products, their track record and also the fact that it has a great earning opportunity in it for the Multi-Level Marketer.

The other side of my discussion is the controversial nature of MLMs. In short, this concept has been heavily tarnished by a range of factors including:

– Poor / Unethical Selling

– A questionable Business Model that is not attractive to many

– People misleading you into coming for a meeting then springing the trap on you

– A group of disillusioned people who aren’t in it for each other

In short, I ask you not to write off all MLMs because of a bad experience. This one company did some bad things to me, but over the years I have seen some great concepts including Isagenix (and Neways too). They have some great products and a remuneration model that is very generous.

My advice and thinking? Like Heath Thompson once did, keep an open mind and if MLMs suit your business & style then check one out. The initial risk in geting into one is quite low and often it can lead to some great residual income opportunities.

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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  1. Enjoyed your take on this Ed, I want you to go deeper into the analysis though! We’ve probably all had negative experiences with MLMs. I would love to hear your professional opinion on what, aside from an effective product, can make this an appealling model. In short, the topic hits home and I’d love to hear more about what you have to say!

    • Thank you for the great question and love your work. I think a great MLM is probably just like any other business. It has a great product / service, accurate representation, there is enough money in it for everyone and it’s s sustainable. As a few people have correctly pointed out – many people really lie / distort the actual value of a given MLM’s product which then tends be the “Big Negative” that dominates all. Hope that answer helps and thank you Kate!

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