Some of the images the leftie media don't like us to see (Image Credit, Donald Trump Twitter)

Some of the images the leftie media don’t like us to see (Image Credit, Donald Trump Twitter)

It’s 7:16AM and I was actually about to get up from my desk, get a morning coffee and do some videos and the like. What swung that around and inspired me to write this blog was another post from the media attacking Donald Trump in anyway they can.

If you consider North America, much of Europe, UK and certainly Australia – the ‘left’ establishment are in control of what we often see and hear (for now).

Trump and his campaign represents a massive shake up to the establishment for lots of reasons. Key ones that has at least resonated with me is the exposure of unfair reporting, left bias, coverage that ignores facts and even gross admissions of ‘selective coverage’ (YouTube ‘black lives matter’ and follow that thread).

Donald’s war on political correctness too must create fear and panic from those editors sitting behind their expensive desks as they know ‘the gig is up’ once he gets in.

What I say today was viral footage of some truly horrible people and statements made at Trump rallies. You get some absolute haters there.

Equally too, if you type ‘hillary supporters’ into YouTube – it doesn’t take long to see the same type of hate driven people on the other side.

The issue I am taking here is how lots of the media is just biasing it against Trump. They only show news that is negative to him and they go as far to ignore / omit news that is against their pro-Hillary / leftie narrative.

The good news is that people are smarter than the traditional media. The media thinks we are all silly and will lap up what we feed them, but they have a few small problems. This includes free speech, awesome Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Pre-internet (or early internet), we were at the mercy of the mass media telling us what to think. It was impossible to make decent decisions as we were not fed both sides.

Social media and freedom of speech changes everything and Donald Trump is using this to his massive advantage. People are sick of the media too, telling them how to think (I can say that too especially from the point of view of Australian Media).

My lessons and learning? The media is failing. In fact, the more they attack him is the more people want to ‘fight back’ by supporting him.

As people do on YouTube, I could go to a Hillary rally and get great clips too. I wonder when they shall start publishing that?

The truth. You can’t bury it forever…

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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