Love Clint Eastwood! The end of PC is near (Image Credit & Thanks - Wikipedia)

Love Clint Eastwood! The end of PC is near (Image Credit & Thanks – Wikipedia)

While going for my morning coffee walk, I saw a fantastic article from Briebart courtesy of an original interview between Clint Eastwood and and Esquire.

It was an open and frank discussion about the tragedy of ‘Political Correctness’ (‘PC’) and Clint giving his views on it’s damage to society and the fact of Donald Trump benefitting from the trend.

Trump came out right at the start of his campaign targeting political correctness and making it one of his enemies to campaign against. This was a very clever move in that he obviously (and correctly) read that public sentiment is against being so called PC anymore.

If we don’t hear the exact wording of PC, it is usually applied to us in everyday life in various forms. We have to walk on eggshells, watch exactly what we say with ‘someone’ deciding what we can bash and things we can’t touch.

Awesome Clint Eastwood got me thinking and I thought I would visit Google and get a street wise definition of PC:

political correctness, noun

“the avoidance of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.”

That does sound good on the surface and I think when PC started coming out it had some merit. These days however, you can see instances of it causing massive problems in our society and impacting our safety. One elephant in the room is Germany, Immigration and the safety of it’s women and citizens.

When the tragic attacks of Cologne came out, you had the local Police Force keeping them mouth shut (and even reports of them covering it up) to serve the PC narrative and not put the safety of it’s people first.

Talking daily life, we are not allowed to talk about sensitive issues in our society in case we ‘upset’ someone. The workplace is even worse!

The good news? It’s all changing and the end is in sight. You have Donald Trump on the beat, Sonia Kruger talking the truth and now highly respected leaders like Clint Eastwood coming to the surface condemning PC culture and it’s impact on society.

When you see people talking about this in such light and openness, you know it’s the coming end of PC. The left have been freaking out, going extra extreme and doing what they can to slow things down – but they know their time of controlling what we are say is coming up.

My advice and thinking? Decency is very important and that should be an ethic that guides us. However, free speech is critical. Free speech allows bad ideas to get pulled apart and good ideas to flourish.

I even had someone at a networking event tell me ‘it’s great that people get cancer because it makes us all humble’. As a man whose mother (who fought it and won) suffered from cancer her whole life, I found this incredibly offensive. Still, I defend the person’s right to say that!

When I was offended like that, I could use free speech back to pull the argument apart and even got an apology.

Thank you Clint, goodbye Political Correctness; don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out lol!



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