Margaret Thatcher, the 'iron lady' hardly needs an introduction!

Margaret Thatcher, the ‘iron lady’ hardly needs an introduction!

With one of history’s greatest women who needs no introduction; I was a bit too young to really appreciate Margaret Thatcher.

As a man who is not too far from 40 with my business kicking butt (grateful and thankful), I have been getting more into my blogging, writing and learning about the world around me.

I have even been studying the rise and fall of ‘Feminism’ in seeing it once being a well respected movement for the liberation and equality of women degrade into a cause that women are leaving in the millions.

Like all things I do, I like to go back to ‘where it all began’ and have been of course studying the ‘iron lady’ and understanding how she was so powerful and successful.

Looking into Margaret, her thinking and why she did so well has helped explain to me why ‘modern feminism’ is falling in that it only takes minutes of Google Searchers to learn some key points about Margaret:

– Born a Grocers Daughter.

– Margaret’s father was a strong methodist that instilled the values of hard work and public service.

– Inspired by Winston Churchill’s stand against Nazism. 

– Became the powerful right conservative ‘Iron will’ and saved Britain from economic ruin (while making many enemies).

This is obviously not even the tip of the iceberg in understanding Thatcher, but the key theme you find in her thinking, YouTube clips and style is that she is loaded with ‘personal responsibility’ and ‘self determination’. She is clearly one that believes in achieving what she wants, she goes for it and lets nothing stand in her way. Interestingly enough too, she is an incredibly feminine character and she goes hard.

When I consider her style, approach and thinking – I like to wash it against the so called ‘Feminism’ we are seeing today. Tragically, the feminist movement today is dominated by a tragic victim narrative which positions women as exactly the opposite of what the iron lady was; victims whose circumstances are controlled by others. There are a lot of reasons beyond my own understanding, however I can say with full confidence that the ‘Leader’ narrative is a much more compelling and attractive narrative that the ‘Victim’. I think this is one of the key reasons why modern feminism in on a massive decline (and lost the mainstream populations support).

Equally on the positive, truly strong people and movements are growing in style and momentum.

My advice and learnings from my early studies of the iron lady? Hard work, personal responsibility and taking your own destiny in your own hands is what creates wealthy and successful people (being my definition of ‘wealth’ beyond actual dollars here). It’s a lot of fun and when you see socially mobile people who climb in our society, they are almost always loaded with these admirable traits.

Check out some clips of Maragret on YouTube. Watching her kick socialists butts is truly inspiring and totally funny as she ‘owns them’.

Stay awesome, love your work and thank you Margaret! Wish I started studying you much earlier!



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