If things aren't working, change everything!

If things aren’t working, change everything!

Yesterday was totally awesome in catching up with an old friend from the United Kingdom. During my business trip there some years ago, I was blessed to meet the awesome ‘Carol Owen’ (pictured).

She works in Marketing as do I; we shared notes and we hit it off as pals. I wish I had more time to spend getting to know her and her family – however, it was great getting that 90 minutes with her while she is visiting Sydney.

When we first became pals, both of our lives were in complete flux and at least speaking for myself; my life was not working out (going to the UK for me was a chance to reset things, which is did).

Carol was going through massive changes too in that we both wanted a lot more out of our lives on almost every level (money / business being one of them). We stayed connected over the past few years and we both met yesterday and we both were impressed at each other!

Both of us have successful growing business, married to great people (that we are lucky for) and life is in the zone building on wins everyday.

As we met in the rocks of Sydney and enjoyed fine Pizza / Pasta at ‘Zia Pina’ (which I highly recommend), we covered lots of ground and reflected on why our lives are working and came up with the following consensus:

If your life isn’t working change everything!

Purely simple as that. Sure, if something is working keep it – but if other areas aren’t playing out, it’s time to dump things, take on new actions and turn your life around.¬†Both Carol and in our own unique ways did the same thing; change things and make our life lives better.

It may not be easy making massive changes, BUT if you want a quality life you have no choice. Things can change against you, people can turn on you (tragically) or to the positive; you get a great business and meet lots of new people.

One must change to keep up the pace of life.

My advice and thinking? If your life isn’t working, change the lot! If your life is working, build on it, don’t throw it away and appreciate it.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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