The more we touch people with our ideas the more likely we are to get the sale! (Image Credit - Fallout, Vault Boy and Bethesda Softworks. Your awesome)

The more we touch people with our ideas the more likely we are to get the sale! (Image Credit – Fallout, Vault Boy and Bethesda Softworks. Your awesome)

It was about October 2015 (a few months ago) where I really ramped up my Facebook Marketing. When I say ramp it up, I don’t even mean so much with spend (I have actually decreased that). I mean more with actual content I am putting out.

These days I do about 5 videos a day on Facebook combined with the rest of my business. I am used to it now and can pump out videos in my street, but oh boy – when I started it was hard work.

This includes getting ideas, becoming more creative, dealing with people unliking my FB page (which was really high at the start) and even more – doing videos when I don’t feel like it.

When I started out doing this, for the first 2 months I didn’t get any increase in sales / leads. In fact, it was the opposite almost. Lots of unlikes, some negative comments and it didn’t feel good.

But, something happened very quickly and became quite obvious as time passed. At about 8 to 10 weeks it all changed with my FB likes starting to increase, building a following of people who share my work and even better – more sales and leads coming in (yay!).

Now some months later my Facebook Strategy is going just great. I get tons of video views (some days get into the thousands), lots of Awesome Marketing Vault Sales and basically it’s working.

What this has been the result of is basically the ‘multiple touches’ to get a sale. That is, people aren’t going to see my stuff once and buy something (I don’t think that has ever happened), but as they see me lots, get used to me, there is multiple contact – they warm to me over time and gain a level of trust for what I do.

I have found that in my own business and that of my clients – when you are Marketing, you often have to hit people at least 10 x times from varying angles until they often purchase something (say a simple online product) or become a lead to learn more. This may include say seeing me on Facebook, meeting me once at an event, having someone hear about me, coming to a Live Webinar, getting to know me over LinkedIn, having someone refer me – you get the drift.

Basically it takes a lot of convincing to get a sale! It’s the same for me too, I don’t buy anything without tons of research – so why would I expect people to be any different with me?

My lesson and learning? Understand that it can take multiple touches to get a sale (more touches with more expensive items) so plan for that. Make sure you are putting out tons of Marketing so it’s enough to get people over the line. It’s all bit by bit and can take a bit of time.

Think carefully about your marketing, what you are doing – and make sure are hitting people enough. For me, my Online Marketing was lacking for that reason. Now I am touching people more (sounds suss LOL) it’s working much better.

Hope my own story helps you make success happen and go for it! Thanks for the read, stay awesome and thanks from Edward Zia!

P.S. Thank you Fallout and Bethesda Softworks for great image of Vault Boy. You rock!



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