Joel Curtis the Business Psychologist is a man of big ideas. Very inspiring working with him!

Joel Curtis the Business Psychologist is a man of big ideas. Very inspiring working with him!

When we are in business for ourselves we are highly dependent on a range of creative ideas to not just take us to the next level, but also keep our businesses alive.

When I first started out in my Marketing work, I use to run lots of Networking Business Groups. It was mostly for start-ups / early entrepreneurs and I would meet all sorts of folk. Some would grow to become successful business leaders, some would rip me and others off (with karma putting many out of business) and some were sadly very ‘average to poor’ players that always seemed stuck in their practices.

As I reflected on these experiences, it’s really helped me get my business growing again in terms of my networking and approach.

Today I met with Joel Curtis the Business Psychologist. If you know Joel, he is a very kind and ‘hard’ man that is exceptional at what he does. I have known him for some years now, he’s been a great client and we shared some great profitable ideas.

What got me thinking about this experience is that both Joel and I are big ambitious thinkers. We are kind, hard working and totally open to change and trying new things to get the edge and grow our businesses.

In this one, we shared some great ideas on the ‘Media / TV’ path which were great. In fact we did such a great job bouncing off each other, we even booked a fine lunch with a fine TV personality that we know to advance our connections in this area.  We are both very excited about this development and in reflection it happened for this one big reason:

We are both big thinkers, so we came up with a great big collective idea!

If let’s say one of us was in the dumps, or uncreative, it would not have been such a productive conversation which led to the highs we explored today.

My advice and thinking? Besides Joel Curtis being awesome, it’s very important to not only ‘think big’ but surround yourself as much as possible with people that ‘think big’. The more we do this the better,

Surround yourself by the best, be the best and come up with winning ideas.

Love your work, stay awesome, thanks for the read – and keep at it!



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