You don't always feel it and that's awesome. Just make yourself do it and squeeze it in! (Image Credit - Bethesda Softworks and Awesome Vault Boy)

You don’t always feel it and that’s awesome. Just make yourself do it and squeeze it in! (Image Credit – Bethesda Softworks and Awesome Vault Boy)

There you go! You have got me. Right now I am not feeling it. Big time.

Not for any negative reason too. I have had a great productive day, been right on things and quite often I usually get fairly tired on a Thursday (usually a peak day for me). I went to the gym and towards the end, I was struggling!

I made myself do the round of weights and even though I feel a bit ‘out of the zone now’, I am at my PC making myself do the work and keep up with objectives.

Turns out I am human like many of us. We reach times in our businesses where for whatever reason we are out of it. This can be because we are a bit worn out (success can do that), we have had a knock (it happens) or we can be a bit tired.

It’s these moments that I think are very critical in business and it’s where we set ourselves apart from everyone else. It’s the time when discipline is really important and once you get through things – you can then chill out and relax.

For me actually, since I have started writing this blog article – I actually feel better. I felt a bit ‘ehhh’ at the start, but now I am smiling again and the creative juices are flowing.

My advice and lessons? Sometimes you just have to push yourself! Pure and simple. Push through it, do what you have to do – and things will be great again with some rest and taking time out when you can.

So here you go. You have seen me transform and get back in the zone, just by making me do the work.

Love you taking time to read this, trust it helped and stay awesome!.

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P.S. Image Credit to the Awesome Vault Boy (from Bethesda Softworks). He always inspires me when I don’t feel it.



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