Dai Le is a legend. Big things to come!

Dai Le is a legend. Big things to come!

I used to always think change was a bad thing.

As I have progressed through life, I have found that change mostly in my life means good things now. For example, getting fitter, getting more clients, making more friends, becoming happier and making more money is a form of change, so I would have to be nuts to not want that right?

Today was a very good meeting with an Australian Vietnamese woman who I have followed for years on Facebook. Going back a few years ago, I used to help out the Liberal Party of Australia quite a bit at a Council, State and a bit at a Federal level.

Federal level is more my thing and at the time Dai Le was going into State (NSW) Politics as the candidate covering the area of Cabramatta in Western Sydney (where she grew up after coming to Australia). She was up against a massive Labor incumbent who she did heavy damage too in a swing that went against him and in the years, I followed her closely on social media and the like.

We have been in contact and finally we decided to meet up and talk business. And we did and we are now working together on some exciting projects. If you check out her history – she is incredibly well connected to Corporates & Government alike and has been an amazing journalist for years with the ABC.

What is interesting about this experience is that Dai Le is a true natural leader. Like many of you reading this awesome blog, I know you are leader material (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this). Leaders are few and far between these days and what I love about Dai is how she:

1) Thinks big

2) Thinks logically / pragmatically

3) Thinks about helping people

4) Thinks about partners (hence speaking to me).

5) Thinks about scale and leverage

7) Thinks about time.

8) Thinks about winning

This I really love about her style and I was thinking about myself and the fact I am working with such high powered people (like YOU reading this. Only the best read my blog).

To be straight up with you, I was only living in my car about 8 years ago – and I never thought I would become a successful business person, let alone working with high powered elite such as Dai.

My advice and lessons on this one? There aren’t many elite people in town, but I can tell you one thing – when you find them, it’s great to connect with them, help them and also help yourself at the same time. I was fortunate enough to do that with Dai with great things to come from our mutual workshops, connections and projects coming up.

Be awesome, find awesome people and help each other out – that is what it’s about.

Love your work awesome people, thank you Dai for your great help and to great things ahead!



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