Success to me is lots of little steps and small moves. One it itself is meaningless, but it all adds up!

Success to me is lots of little steps and small moves. One it itself is meaningless, but it all adds up!

Many things have changed in my life for the better lately. From a home life which I now love, to finally being a property owner, being able to help people (and get paid for it, yay!) – I have been very blessed to have a great life lately.

As I live everyday now and reflect back, success has come from very interesting stages that I learned earlier on in business. I remember hearing this in the early motivational books I read and seminars I attended (I gave Anthony Robbins a whole lwat of money lol).

What my learnings have all coalesced too is:

You have got a new day, what you going to do in order to get closer to your goals / objective?

That is pretty much it. I used to sit there and think big, dream about great stuff – but then days would pass and I have done nothing better to help realize that vision into any form of tangible reality (which totally sucked of course).

As time passed in all this I realized it all comes down to my earlier paragraph in that you got to do lots of little things everyday.

Seemingly an individual action would be nothing, but when combined day in and day out – it forms a powerful cocktail of success and profitability.

A great example is my Facebook Videos. I was highly criticized by many around me (except for a few of you) and now it’s bringing me in lots of sales and I know of at least 5 x people now who are copying this strategy in their own unique way.

Great! I told them to do it. It will no doubt work for them quite quickly as things progress.

My advice and thinking? Create stuff. Come up with new ideas, make things happen. Do little bits everyday.

It all adds up.

Love your work and massive thanks from Edward Zia – your Marketing Mentor and Crazy Persian LOL



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