Honey Cat is also a rocking hit on Facebook too!

Honey Cat is also a rocking hit on Facebook too!

I have spent lots of time on Facebook over the last 2 years. Over 2015, I really got straight into it spending hours of work daily, testing, trialling the right exact approach that would work and bring me in sales.

I invested lots of time, money and work into what I was going and time and time again – videos on Facebook would always conquer everything else. People would always remember my videos, I recall them getting lots of sales whenever I did them, putting them up was free and even better than that – after I got used to them, they became lots of fun.

One key part of thinking that changed on me for Facebook was basically changing my mindset on how I used it. At the start, I took a very “Internet Marketing” viewpoint of how it worked which basically I found didn’t work anymore:

– It’s a numbers game and it’s all about sending warm traffic to your website and hoping for that 1 out of 100 conversion.

I had some real amateurs (who thought they were way more awesome than they actually are) advising me and I found their advice to be really out of date. As I got into things and finally got my Facebook really working, I have found the modern opposite to be totally true:

– It’s a relationship game of becoming friends with people and them choosing to buy.

Instead of say doing Facebook ads to try and hit 5,000 people a day and hoping “One will buy”, I realized that no one will buy if they just see my ads for the first time. They need to know me, see me for a while, trust me and feel that I am cool and they can trust me.

By doing videos day in and day on Facebook, exactly this has happened. I have a crowd of awesome followers, get lots of shares and great sales! I use my Facebook Advertising Platform (right now $20 a day) to grow my community and this I plan on increasing to say $50 a day as the year progresses.

So overall? Awesomely good and very happy with my Facebook results. Took a few months to kick in, but now? It’s totally awesome and I love it.

Thanks for the read, go hard on building relationships and giving great ideas – and I can promise you will be walking the path of a winner.

Hope you loved the article, share it with those it can help, stay awesome and thanks from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor & Crazy Persian!



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