Intelligent, Caring, In Your Year and Awesome - Brad Burton of 4Networking UK. A great man who I credit this one too!

Intelligent, Caring, In Your Year and Awesome – Brad Burton of 4Networking UK. A great man who I credit this one too!

It’s been a great morning already and one of those days I try to do my blog as early as possible. Whenever I get that idea, I try to get it out as quickly as today has been a morning with plenty of ideas coming to me (yay!).

One thing that totally changed my life was a great conversation with Brad Burton in May 2014. If you are from the UK, you may have heard of him. One of his old nicknames was ‘The Northern Anthony Robbins’ (if you know the UK, it gets much rougher the North you go).

I used to help run 4Networking Australia in those days and it was a wonderful networking group that I have great memories of. In that experience, I remember driving somewhere in London with him in his nice Audi and I asked him for some advice on ‘why I am from stuck’.

This was a painful, yet great move as he is a very ‘Gordon Ramsay’ character.

That is – he is awesome, 100% on your side and will yell at you if you are thick, arrogant or not getting his well intended message.

He did raise is voice slightly and said this to me (paraphrasing after a good 18 months):

– Edward, your fookin’ problem is that you don’t believe in yourself 100%. You have to chose to do that right now before you will grow.

Basically I was partly believing in myself which totally sucked and did me very little good. I would do something, but internal forces would hold be back (let’s say I believed in myself about 50%).

This experience changed everything for me in the respect it unlocked lots of my potential and was the pep talk I needed.

Very few people believe in themselves 100%. I do now, but I have to tell you it’s take much work and discipline to get there.

My advice and thinking? Choose to believe in yourself now. Own your mistakes, wins and go for it.

Just do it.

Trust me.

Your family and bank account shall love you.

Love your work, thanks for the read – and stay awesome!

P.S. Thank you Brad Burton & Dee Atkins & Stefan Thomas! You rock and this one is dedicated to you all.



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  1. Hi Edward,

    I am glad that you have come a long way (like many of us do) to discover that 100% belief in ourselves is THE WAY to unlocked our potential.

    As a business mentor to my team members, I stress the importance of working towards that goal – belief in self. How? The paradigm shift happens when one is committed to doing personal development.

    Reading just 10 pages of an inspiring book PLUS 30 minutes of audio training a day can make a huge difference to our belief system. No joke!

    Thank you for sharing Brad Burton’s wise words!

    • He is an amazing man and loved his work. Brad Burton gave me nothing but great advice and even though 4Networking Australia is only a figment of my imagination, I shall be forever in his debt.

      Brad is one cool guy and love it! Thanks for the comments Viola. Appreciate it!

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