Like Eric Cartman from South Park - some fake apologies I have heard have made me bowl over...(Image Credit - Thank you Comedy Central)

Like Eric Cartman from South Park – some fake apologies I have heard have made me bowl over…(Image Credit – Thank you Comedy Central)

With 2015 out of the way and 2016 in full swing (yes, it’s been only 2 days but it’s all happening already) – I am more or less over the negative things that played out.

Some of them really impacted me actually and hurt me on a deep level. Having people really close to me turn on me was quite sad and I have to admit that it took me quite a bit of time to get over.

I always write off bad experiences with my quite humourous (get’s a lot of laughs) when I say:

– Eh, that’s life in Sydney!

Next to me saying ‘Awesome People’, it’s become one of my catch lines and it got me thinking about the importance of who you back, you to turn on and how it all plays out.

If I reflect on 2015 and previous experiences I have had in business / life (in Sydney) – I have had a good handful of people do some really bad things to me.

What has been interesting in each of these cases has actually been the fallout for the person who has done such bad things to me. If I think of about the 50% of people have done me over somehow, all of them had come back to me in some capacity wanting to ‘do business’ again.

Ha ha! Yeah Right! Sometimes I have even laughed at them and asked “Are you serious?” when I have had just some totally absurd stuff like this asked of me. The ones that have some sort of intelligence quickly retract and get out of it, the ones with reasonable intelligence don’t even bother asking and the more ‘dumbasses’ of it all are all like “Why’s that?” pretending to be all unknowing and the like.

I think it’s funny as I reflect back on it and I bet you have experiences like that too of people ‘coming back to you’. If someone is genuinely remorseful and offers a decent 100% apology, I am open to that actually.

But not the ‘fake apologies’. You know what I mean. This is the way I put it:

1) Real Apology: “Edward, I am terribly sorry about what happened and I what I did. I shouldn’t have done it, it was wrong and I take full responsibility”

2) Fake Apology: “Edward, I am sorry about what happened. But I did it because I had too and it’s just too bad. You should be tougher”

I actually had someone who really hurt me do the ‘Fake Apology’. At the time, I got really angry and blasted them – where as I sit at my PC now talking about it, I am smiling and giggling. Almost Eric Cartman from South Park style. Ha ha!

My advice and lessons? As you go in business, especially as you succeed – most people are awesome, but you will get some that totally screw you.

It happens and I used to think shame on me. Now I think shame on them! Ha ha 🙂 Almost always, people who do the other over end up losing out in the end.

Thanks for the read, trust you enjoyed it, hope you giggled and liked it and reflected on some of the things that happened in your life. It’s all awesome!

P.S. Thank you to Comedy Central, Eric Cartman & South Park for the great image use. You rock!



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  1. Thanks for this, recently had someone do me over and had been holding on to the frustration, it wasn’t getting me anywhere until I released it

    • Glad you like it Michael and thank you! Yes, it’s so trye. I had some bad stuff done to me and sometimes it takes a of time to get used too!

  2. So, so true Edward. It’s surprising what some people will do. But my beliefs on this are
    1) You have to be solid in your own values and behaviours. You can control what you do and not what others do.
    2) Karma really works 🙂

    • Ain’t that the truth! It really does. Seeing Karma play out the way it has for me lately has made me extra keep my nose clean LOL

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