Enegetic, Crazy, Brilliant, Professional and On the Ball - The Servcorp Team at Nishi Newacton (Canberra) totally rocked. A testament to a great company!

Enegetic, Crazy, Brilliant, Professional and On the Ball – The Servcorp Team at Nishi Newacton (Canberra) totally rocked. A testament to a great company!

If you have read some of my previous articles, I have made many references to Servcorp. They are this awesome ‘Virtual Office’ concept that I have been a massive fan of since the early days of starting my business.

Based on the way I setup my business (and my drive in the Online Marketing Direction), I set it up so I can work from home. I visit lots of clients and love working from home – and I know this isn’t the best option that suits many people or other business types.

If I was going to get an office, it would be Servcorp!

Some people must really have an office presence and if you are a small business owner / solopreneur, do you want to shell out $2,000 per month for an office? (At least BTW).

Of course not! I totally wouldn’t and Servcorp is this great concept with offices over Australia and worldwide that has basically ‘Business Hubs’ where one can go with a range of models. From renting offices for a month, to full virtual, to pay as you go – there are tons of awesome things one can do. You can even rent a boardroom for a few hours – how great is that?

Tonight, I was very lucky to be invited to Canberra to speak at Servcorp Nishi at a place called NewActon there. It was this beautiful business suburb, with awesome designs and I got to work with Kristin McDowall (their Sales & Business Manager) as well as their fine team.

They put on a ‘Business Shorts’ event tonight and I was blessed to be their guest speaker talking to a great 50+ people. This totally rocked and I remember a surreal experience almost before hand.

I got in early to setup some AV and once that was done, I was free-roaming around the place like one of their trusted staff member. There was a good 8 of them I think, running around, setting things up – even they were involved in preparing food onto trays. Right from toothpicks with pecorino, basil & tomato – to small bruschettas and trays of food – I realized they weren’t using caters. All in their business wear, they were preparing food for the 50+ fatigued people about to hit the event.

It was a hit, the crowd was great, I was blessed with some great feedback and they said I am welcome back anytime. It was my first interstate speaking gig and great getting an excuse to go to Canberra.

I left impressed with the fine operation there after spending some time with my better half that day visiting the sights. Servcorp is one fine operation.

My advice? 1) Speak at events whenever you get a chance.  2) Consider Servcorp if you need an office. They totally rock. 3) Canberra is a beautiful place – check it out.

Love your work, thank you for the read – and of course, Stay Awesome!

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