Martyn Hume Cobbe is a great relationship coach which made some great points when it comes to self defence. Love it!

Martyn Hume Cobbe is a great relationship coach which made some great points when it comes to self defence. Love it!

I had a very long, but make no mistake – an awesome day today. It started with an early visit to 4Networking Sydney CBD (at 8AM) and finished up with doing Facebook Videos for my Awesome Marketing Vault near Circular Quay.

This morning I was very lucky to hear a 4Sight from a Relationship Coach by the name of Martin Hume Cobbe. Now I am not going to tell you porkies, when he got up and did his 40 second round and spoke about ‘Relationships’, I didn’t believe him. I even thought he was soft.

Boy I was wrong.

As he spoke during the 4Sight, he spoke about his own experiences of relationships and he made really good sense. He spoke about things that happened to him and how he changed his own thinking. I threw a curve ball at him which no-one has answered me well over the past few years (they always give me real weak pacifist type of answers):

“Martyn, if someone does something bad to you – sure you change yourself, but what about self-defence? Where is that line and what’s your take on this issue?”

It did cause him to pause and I could tell the whole room was pegged into his answer to come. After an intellectual pause he responded with a very simple yet powerful line (if I can paraphrase and simplify his answer):

“You deal with the issues going on in yourself, then it sets you up to deal with the problem / person – hence you can defend yourself”

This was a great answer in my book in that I have heard many come back to me with a real pacifist / stupid way of dealing with things. In my line of work and my experiences over the years – I have had people when I started out walk all over me.

Over the years I have become tougher in the respect of being able to protect my friends / people in the right and defend against scum-bags doing all sorts of things to me.

I have even had people screw me over, then (very poorly) try and convince me it’s okay why they have done it. Nice try! I have caught them out many times.

Martyn I think gave a very strong answer and what I have learned in a place like Sydney is that you have to be a nice guy / girl, BUT when people are screwing with you – you must defend yourself. I have had many idiots try and tell me that you aren’t mean to stand up for yourself, but I know they are totally in the wrong.

Martyn Hume Cobbe? He was in the right and gave a great answer which balanced personal development combined with street-smarts.

My advice and thinking? People will try shonky stuff on you every now and then. Kick their butts and send them running. It keeps them off your back and gives them something to think about when they try and bully someone else.

Thanks for the read, love your work and stay awesome!



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