From meeting with clients, speaking at events to hitting Parliment House - it's been on awesome week that has reminded me as to what 'Peak Loading' is like!

From meeting with clients, speaking at events to hitting Parliment House – it’s been on awesome week that has reminded me as to what ‘Peak Loading’ is like!

Oh Boy I can talk to you personally on this one. Like many Small Business Owners (or even large businesses for that matter) we have one ongoing challenge known as ‘Peak Loading’.

Exactly as it sounds, it’s when you have tons of jobs / work required of you that is time sensitive in nature. Be it you are a Coach, Mentor or a Cafe Owner at Lunch time, there will be times in your business where you are rushed off your feet and it’s a matter of ‘keeping up’ with what is going on.

For me, this week has been a total powerplay in that regard. From speaking to great business owners in Western Sydney for a workshop, speaking at an event in Canberra and getting lots of projects out – I have loved the challenge of this week.

This most certainly one of my busier weeks and it’s Friday and I am ready to rest (although I am writing up a website for an awesome client over the weekend). My whole week has been great and it’s reminded me as to the importance of:

Keeping up with your work and deadlines!

Deadlines are very important in not only meeting say our clients requirements, but sticking to our own production timeframes and efficiencies. When we miss deadlines, it creates all sorts of problems – and at times it can be just plain hard.

For me and many of my awesome clients and colleagues – reality says that we have peak loading when we are just flat out. When this happens, staying sane can be a challenge and I have found that you have to stay focused, get stuff done, drink coffee if need be and get through the peak loading.

You can then kick back, relax, recharge and focus as need be. This can happen lots too if you are in Professional Services as well. You may have a few days which are quiet – and then all of a sudden all of your awesome clients need you and you have to be there for them.

I find it’s really important to ‘work ahead’ as much as you can. You never know when things are going to come up and by being ahead – you can deal with opportunities as they come up. This makes you happier, more effective – and of course, sets you up to make more money.

My advice and thinking? Know in business you shall have quiet times and then busy times. Push yourself hard in the busy times – and recharge in the quiet times. It rocks and love it.

Trust that helps, check out ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’ and of course – Stay Awesome!



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