Live Workshops & Gatherings: WHY they get clients

Workshops, Face to Face and Sharing Meals - all top ways to get more high value clients!

Workshops, Face to Face and Sharing Meals – all top ways to get more high value clients!

You can tell that workshops are the big focus in my business now and I am loving it. Last year it was getting into the Business Chambers, Mastering Facebook and updating my website; today it’s mixing it with people in fun and style.

Workshops have been one of my top Marketing Strategies for getting more high value clients and lots of exposure and the analysis on my business said it’s the way to go (in collaboration with the other strategies).

I can justify easily that it’s a great strategy by my results, what people do in the industry and the like; however I have been thinking this through lately on a much deeper level.

Why is it a good strategy? How does it work on a functional level? Why even do them? Why not just use Facebook?

These questions both supporting and critiquing the idea has got me thinking and here are my top reasons on why this strategy works (and fast too):

  • Build Trust Fast: Personal interaction is a great way of building trust fast that paves a way to a sale. You can put out all the videos you want on FB and while that is a great strategy; Face to Face is that powerful meeting that makes the difference and gets people over the edge.
  • Highly Leveraged: Yes workshops take work, but more people make it even better and more powerful. Whether you have 5, 15, 25 or 40 – the workload doesn’t change that much (but after 40 it does FYI).
  • The Psychological Positioning: The fact you are in front running the event on your topic is proof you are the expert. As people see that everyone is listening to you, you become quite regarded.
  • Great content for Social Media: The photos from your events is gold on Social Media. In my case, I share them on Facebook and people love it and it’s also that ‘proof’ of popularity and leadership.

My advice and thinking? For Coaches, Mentors, Consultants, Property People, Accountants, IT and many; Live Events are a fantastic Marketing Strategy. It does take time to run it but it also saves time as well in that people who are ‘interested’ in your services can get a taste of what you do without any extra time.

Overall these events SAVE ME TIME. Let’s say it takes me 10 hours to run a Live Workshop but there is 20 x people there. It saves me 20 x 1 hour conversations if you get that logic.

Hope that helps. Go hard, get your events out there and keeping winning + stay awesome.