When only the BEST will do (thank you Sharon Grant & #BIZRUPTION)

The BEST rocks.

The BEST rocks.

A great many of my conversations as of late isn’t about doing so much ‘more’ Marketing, but the ‘right’ Marketing. My own business has been testament in that I am working as hard as I did say 12 months ago; but I am delivering more, have double the clients, enjoying life more and things are on the up and up.

This change and improvement has NOT come from working harder and it’s a result of working smarter by focusing on the right activities.

Two examples to illustrate that is from a great event last night; being #BIZRUPTION at the Marquee Nightclub at The Star (Sydney). We weren’t ‘clubbing’ (as the photo may suggest), but networking with lots of great people and connecting.

The team at #BIZRUPTION do a great job of bringing people together and personally I have done great out of this event. I have found many clients, enjoyed some great evenings and had top conversations with fun and style.

Talking to the incredible people, I wanted to actually focus on the passionate Sales Mentor Sharon Grant. Her style, strength, tenacity and credibility almost embodies how my business has improved and improved in such a relatively short space of time (when you think about it).

She is in the zone, I have learned much from her workshops and doubling down on this thinking; she is the type of person that makes a unique stand in her own style. This certainly reminds me of myself and my own thinking and this brings back to a key point that changes everything for the better:

  • Everything must BE THE BEST!

That means a lot of things and can be taken many ways. For me it relates to what I see in the mirror. I can’t do things half-heartedly, I can’t just be mediocre and doing a ‘good’ job is not acceptable. I have to excel and greatly exceed the performance of what is out there.

In terms of the external world it means that I also must be very cautious in the decisions I make. I can’t go to / run “Good” events, I must only associate with wonderful people and the ideas and reasoning I pursue must be the best.

There are severe implications for this thinking actually. When we place these expectations on ourselves it massively influences the decisions we make and forces us to make hard decisions. These hard decisions however to lift our game lead to great outcomes for anyone and more winning.

My advice and thinking? Don’t ever settle for ‘Good’, always go for the ‘Best’. It pays off.

Sure, you may be stuck with ‘Good’ in the short-term, but keep it in the short-term. Make sure you are actively making changes to turn things to the ‘Best’.

Love your work, thank you Sharon Grant for the inspiration, #BIZRUPTION appreciate the work you do for the community and stay awesome!