Most people are awesome; some are FRUIT LOOPS

We all meet the odd fruit loop everynow and then. Just smile, rest up and ignore them!

We all meet the odd fruit loop everynow and then. Just smile, rest up and ignore them!

We had an incredible workshop tonight with some wonderful people. I was blessed, they were blessed and it was just a massive win / win experience for all.

As this played out I told a few people a funny story of what happened to me a few hours before. I was going through my emails and like usual, I would say do a batch at once and come back here and there throughout the day (especially if I am on the go and say accessing them on my tablet).

I got this incredible email which I totally loved! They told me about my workshops, how great they were, how it’s changed their life, the 5 star reviews they get and they were just eternally grateful.

Why not? I felt good. Glad my work has paid off. Yay!


I got this email from this person saying that I send them too many emails and they want me to unsubscribe them at once! My high was taken low and I immediately started laughing at the irony of this situation.

I am running workshops and helping people in a way that gets 5 star reviews and people love it. Except for that one ‘crazy’ person in every crowd that is a special snowflake or has something to say.

I have always noticed over the years that most people you meet are just incredible and they are! However in every crowd you get your ‘crazy’ that is just there to cause trouble. They have something inside of them which is not good and they just have to try pin it on everything around them.

With this person, I not only removed them from the list; I actually removed them from the system and blocked them – preventing them from coming in again. The reason is that you don’t want ‘Crazies’ in your community. They don’t help, they aren’t nice and they blame the world for their own problems. Another word for them is also ‘FRUIT LOOPS’ (I like both).

My advice and thinking? Work with people in a win / win arrangement. They’re awesome, your awesome, everyone has an awesome time! Of course be generous, but make sure you are protecting everyone and your friends. There is always one in every crowd.

Thanks for the read, love your work, here is to avoiding the crazies and of course – stay awesome!