Automated Marketing Strategies was a hit - trust you enjoy!

Automated Marketing Strategies was a hit – trust you enjoy!

Tonight’s Live Webinar was a hit with a great audience learning some of the latest Sales & Marketing Strategies + Ideas and we spoke heavily about things from an ‘Automation Viewpoint’ (basically meaning as much do it once and let it repeat as much as possible).

Whenever I teach, I generally learn something and from my end tonight it reminded me as to the importance of ‘Leverage’ – that is, trying to do something once and having it ‘scale’ to as many people as possible.

As an example, a Live Webinar is exactly that – I do the Webinar once, record it, set things up – then upload it online for the whole world to see.

My take on this area is not everything can be automated in business, but you can automate as much as you can in Marketing. One of the first areas to really nail in this area is getting your website right. Many small business owners are let down by not having a great website in that they do all this work, people are about to buy – and they get turned off at the last minute

Please find the Webinar Recording below (and on YouTube too) to help you explore this area and pick up some great advice to help point you in the right direction. If you need a hand, please contact me and I’d love to help.

Enjoy, Stay Awesome & Keep at it!



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