I give a full thumbs up and a smile to being surrounded by THE RIGHT PEOPLE!

I give a full thumbs up and a smile to being surrounded by THE RIGHT PEOPLE!

You must have noticed a theme in my writings lately. It’s full of joy (with a slight dash of regret) as I reflect on my 2015 performance during the year. I had lots of opposition earlier in the year (with some people who weren’t exactly pro my success) and as I overcame them I have been very blessed to see my business grow.

Also I want to thank you too! Yes you reading this article. I really appreciate the support the community has given me and even though like many – I have had some villains in my life, only to be totally out numbered by the awesome.

Talking to my ‘Real World Networking’, I have really nailed my approach towards the end of the year. I am busy running premium events, I am a regular at Parramatta & NSW Business Chambers and even more so – I have moved on from the networking events that aren’t quite suited to me anymore.

I will tell you the truth in that there is a little bit of hurt and regret in me right now. Sure, I know they aren’t productive emotions (and I am not dwelling there), but equally – I am not going to pump my fist in the air and say “Life is Awesome” if I don’t feel / believe it to be true.

I made several big (well not that big), but let’s say reasonable mistakes in 2015. They were in 3 x Areas, “Friendships”, “Online” & “Networking”.

These are all fixed now and I want to focus on my “Networking” one. My error in this case was spending too much time in the environments that just don’t suit me / where I wasn’t accepted any more. In my case, I use to head up quite a few networking groups and as the politics changed, my style evolved and the nature of my clients improved – I started to fit less & less in there.

It wasn’t right or wrong in that happening – it was just reality. I outgrew the pond I was in and my error was just staying there too long and not proactively moving on earlier. They are great people and all – however, being a creature of habit I kind of stayed there too long.

While this was happening I was missing out on way better opportunities out there with people that love me (and I love them), bigger clients and just way more awesome opportunities out there.

It’s really reminded me of making sure I am surrounded by the right people. That is people who love me as much as I love them – combined with the monetary reality of people that are in a position to afford me and value what I do.

To my credit (against my error) I fixed this some months ago and business is just awesome! If only I moved earlier.

My advice and thinking? When you can see tide’s turning against you, don’t fight it. Accept it and change your game play fast. *I did that* but just a bit slower than what I would have liked.

Love your work, I better get ready for tonight’s event – and of course, stay awesome!



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