It's great to be networking at events that are just you!

It’s great to be networking at events that are just you!

Today I was very lucky to be attending one of our partners events at Sydney CBD today. It was full of amazing people in the room, high value investors and basically the great sort of people that I highly respect and also who make great clients.

During this experience I was reflecting on things, speaking to people and really “Getting” how Networking really works in Sydney. If you have seen lots of my previous posts, I have been reflecting on how I have done a great job, but I have just spent too much time networking in the ‘wrong’ places.

I have met some awesome people, however I define ‘wrong’ places in two ways here. One is it not being the right ’emotional’ fit for you. That is, you maybe don’t fit in there, people just don’t like you and more subjective reasons. The other way is ‘financial’ which is a measure of how wealthy people are.

This can change of course too as time passes and one grows. For example, I used to help run a great networking community – however over time, the client fit wasn’t right and I started getting too ‘loud & confident’ for the place. Hence over time, my fit decreased.

Conversely as I have changed, I have found other networking environments to be much better for me.

As I spoke to the awesome Gillian Hayward from Malaysia Airlines we both started sharing notes and reflecting on our experiences. She is a Corporate Business Development Manager working in Sydney (who I have been very lucky to work with and hoping for more in 2016) and we were sharing similar experiences.

She for example could call on 40 potential businesses and earn nothing, but call on say 3 potential businesses and pick up a massive account.

The similar has been for me too, going to less events – but either running my own or attending more high value events has been a great win / win for everyone. With the benefit of hindsight, my old days of Networking at smaller events were awesome (and I highly respect them), however I was getting too big for it and moving on from there is great for giving other new people a chance to grow.

Equally speaking, I can go into bigger places and pick up more massive and awesome accounts.

My advice and thinking? In acknowledging the awesome Gillian on this one, it’s about less selling and more sales. Go to the right places, call on the right people and pick up the right accounts. It’s great for leaving smaller accounts for those who are rising, better for the bigger accounts to experience your awesomeness and even better – great for your bank account.

Love your work, thanks for the read – and stay awesome!



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