It always pay to have a cunning plan in store... (Image Credit - Blackadder)

It always pay to have a cunning plan in store… (Image Credit – Blackadder)

“I have a cunning plan my lord” is one of my favourite lines ever uttered on television. If you are as old as I am, you may know this as a quote from Baldrick from any of the Blackadder series.

If you haven’t seen this, I encourage you to check it as as it chronicles the adventures of Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson, aka “Mr Bean”) and Baldrick (Tony Robinson) as they go throughout history with their crazy schemes for domination, conquest and at times just trying to stay alive.

As a common comedy duo, they play as natural opposites of each other. Blackadder being manipulative, power hungry, extremely intelligent and sometimes slightly evil (but in a good hearted kind of way). Baldrick always plays the not so intelligent fool with a good heart, able to call stuff for what it is and Blackadders accomplice in his crimes (be it voluntary or not).

They would always get into lots of trouble together and in each episode, Baldrick usually comes up with his famous line:

I have a cunning plan…

Two things would happen here, he either will come up with something really stupid that gets shrugged off, or at times he comes up with a crazy, yet brilliant plan that even gets Blackadders approval. Be it the plan would work or not, I would setup plenty of gags and be a great turning point for the challenges they are going through.

Bringing this back to you and me in business for ourselves, I often see it as the same thing. We are going through challenges be it in growing in our business, dealing with issues that come our way and the challenge of marketing for new high value profitable clients to help us succeed.

I have found over the years that you have to always be thinking ahead and coming up with new ideas to really succeed. Baldrick has this part nailed. He is always trying to think outside of the box for something new and some of his ideas just don’t work.

But some of them work amazingly because he is willing to be creative and express what he is thinking. I think this is great in businesses (although I would suggest applying more wit to it of course).

My advice and thinking? Always be thinking of a “cunning plan” so you can move ahead, come up with great new ideas and Grow, Succeed & Prosper!

It’s worked well for me!

Love you work, stay awesome  and here is to some great new profitable ideas!



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