Live Webinar: Creating Your PROFITABLE and Successful Workshop

Live Webinar Recording (800 x 419)If I reflect back on the years I have been in business; running Live Workshops has been always one of those hit strategies. From doing the larger 80+ seminars to more running fortnightly workshops with a good 15 people in attendance, it’s a great way of demonstrating what you do, helping people and getting more clients.

In this webinar I talked through core ideas of how you can go about it, different structures and went through how I do my Live Webinars and Physical events. As my gift to you, the recording is included right here.

I encourage you to watch it, consider the viewpoints I am putting forward and adapt it to your own circumstances. If you like what you see of course and need a hand, please check out my site and contact me.

Stay awesome, enjoy and thank you to those who joined me tonight!