Cry Me a River LOL - As you succeed get used to people unfriending, unliking and unsubscribing from you!

Cry Me a River LOL – As you succeed get used to people unfriending, unliking and unsubscribing from you!

I am sure any psychologist could probably explain why on a deep level I have had ‘Approval’ / ‘Not Worthy’ issues previously.

Especially after I got washed up (before starting my awesome business), I used to have really low self-esteem which just totally sucked and was anything but fun. As my life and business came together, I gradually overcame these issues of requiring approval.

Sure, I like to be liked – however, it’s not the vulnerability it used to be. One big thing that always triggered it was people unliking my Facebook Page, unsubscribing from my emails or even worse – unfriending me on Facebook! Oh Boy that used to mess with my head!

After working through it, recently I upped my Marketing no Facebook and Email Marketing. I have had heaps of Unlikes and Unsubscribes.

But I have also got more clients! The fallout sure is people opting out, but the people who like me are getting more engaged and taking some form of action.

I think that is totally awesome and when I consider all these different elements, people unfriending you on FB, unliking your business page, unsubscribing, disconnecting from you on LinkedIn and the like is very normal.

In fact, during a conversation with the Awesome Public Speaking Mentor Mark Kyte today, I am the first to encourage it. Yes, I am saying you want people to unfriend, unlike and leave you.

The reason is that if someone doesn’t want to be part of your community or doesn’t like you – you want them to leave right away so that leaves space for awesome like-minded people like yourself.

My advice and lessons from this area? Market away, promote your cause and be ready, expect and be happy when people turn on you and move on. It certainly may ’emotionally’ bother you at the start (as it really was hard on me), however I encourage you to get over it quickly. It’s just pure emotional BS. The sooner you get over this, is the sooner you can market with strength and make it happen.

Love your work, thank you for the read, check out The Awesome Marketing Vault by me and Stay Awesome!



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