Hanging out with the Awesome Natalie Moutia and Martha Arifin today go me thinking more about my strategy...

Hanging out with the Awesome Natalie Moutia and Martha Arifin today go me thinking more about my strategy…

If you have either been speaking to me or simply observing me on Facebook / Reading my blog, you will probably see some quite significant changes to my marketing strategy. Even though I loved what I was doing, I felt in some areas that it had reached its ceiling and needed lots of work and development.

There wasn’t anything *wrong* with what I was doing – far from it in fact. It was going *good* but I clearly want *great*.

A good 3 months ago I started quite a restructure in my business and really improved things. I changed the type of networking events I was going too, started some more Facebook Advertising, did a massive upgrade to The Awesome Marketing Vault and have made continual updates in other parts of the business.

To date, it’s gone really well with more leads, more activity and great growth of the business. It’s been well worth it and to me in reflecting on this, I wish I did a bit of a restructure much earlier and really reconsidered what I was doing.

To me, it’s really important to keep an eye on your business as you can have a strategy that is working, that over time stops working. You equally can have a strategy that has always been *okay* and then you eventually realize it’s just not good enough and then you choose to do a massive upgrade.

When this happens, it’s literally time to rip up what you are doing, reassess things and come up with a new approach. You question everything, keep the best, drop the worst and try new things based on your insights to drive performance.

My thinking and lessons on this one? If this start sliding, going flat or you know it’s time to improve – rip up whatever you thought. Come up with a new approach, ask difficult questions, don’t worry about being wrong and try new things.

I find about half of the new things don’t work, BUT the ones that do – OH MY CAWD it’s awesome.

So dump things, try new things & love it. Thanks for the read & Stay Awesome!



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