The Condon Associates Birthday Bash was totally inspiring and got me thinking - can't wait till I hold big ones like these in years to come!

The Condon Associates Birthday Bash was totally inspiring and got me thinking – can’t wait till I hold big ones like these in years to come!

It’s been an absolute honour to work with Condon Associates and also join Richard Abela, Schon Condon, Lyn Dong and co in the Order of Saint John. Tonight, I was very lucky to attend their ‘Birthday Bash’ and reflect on what must have almost been 100 people at the event tonight.

It was held on the pleasant rooftops overlooking Parramatta CBD and as I spoke to people, took photos, ate some great finger food and enjoyed the smooth jazz playing, it got me reflecting on simply what it’s like in business and how it’s been for me (and many over the years).

Starting, running and achieving sustainable success in business is one of those things that many talk about and few of us actually do. I know in my own business, I have had some totally tender moments where in very simple terms it’s been hard for me. I remember once having $0.88 in the bank (as in 88 cents) with thousands of dollars of bills to pay, having someone rip me off on thousands of dollars once, being stressed out wondering where my next client is going to come from and many crazy things.

I also remember overcoming many of those horrible moments, only to come out stronger, happier, smarter, more determined and way more profitable. I think that every year we survive in business it’s a total awesome thing. Mine is actually in September and every year we pass gives us all a chance to reflect on where we are losing, winning and of course how to improve our game.

For me, my biggest lessons have come from not investing enough in Automation earlier on, totally over-caring what people think of me and not focusing enough on the outcome and staying on the game. As I have learned my lessons, overcame these things, got more focused – the business has been totally awesome and it has grown.

My thinking and reflections on Business Birthday’s? When you consider how few of people last in business and we get a massive win by making it to another birthday, I think it’s a great chance for us to celebrate. We are ‘born’ without any effort to ourselves, but choosing to start a business is just awesome. As small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs we should be proud of this time of year! Go out, party, reflect and improve like crazy so the next birthday is even more satisfying.

Love your work, thank you to Condon Associates Group for the inspiration – and of course, Stay Awesome!



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