It's been a while of learning, challenges and satisifaction. I love it and had to share them with you this Friday Night!

It’s been a while of learning, challenges and satisifaction. I love it and had to share them with you this Friday Night!

10:02PM Friday night and am I out partying? Of course not. Why? Because I want to speak to  you awesome people and share my thoughts with you on what has been one of my crazier weeks in a long time.

For me, life has been awesome and an exceptional challenge for me lately. I am blessed to have had some great success lately and have had to really push my own learning / personal change into overdrive lately.

One key view that I have always held quite dearly (which has been quite a profitable one I may ad) is:

If you want to create new results, you have to change as a person.

When I did lots of the Tony Robbins courses some years back, this was the core view that I took out of there that really helped me to this day. That is, the results we have today is a result of our current thinking. You want better results? Change your thinking.

Sounds very logical on the surface and I find on application, it can be tough at the start of truly practising this mindset. These days I am very used to pushing myself and ‘changing / growing’ everyday and it’s a key trait to being successful. As I have been growing my business, my clients success and the like lately – I have put lots of pressure on me to do this as fast as possible. In short, my profitable lessons from this week has been:

1. Question Everything: Be open to what you are doing, be confident and be willing to improve.

2. Watch what you eat! Lost heaps of fat lately and it’s awesome. Feel great. Get more done.

3. Don’t put up with people messing you around: Not that I did, but getting more focused on the awesome.

4. Moving on from the past: Quite a few people screwed me over earlier in the year. Done and forgotton. Too busy winning.

5. Love your Allies: Martha Arifin for example is wonderful and doing my best to help my allies as much as I can!

6. Market Yourself and Spend Money: My leads have gone through the roof lately as I increased my Marketing Spend. Awesome!

7. Process, Deliver & Process!

Overall it’s been a crazy week, but if I reflect back I can tell you it’s been awesome and worth it.

So there you go, Friday night with Edward – hope you find these lessons inspiring to help you kick butt in your own way LOL



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