When technology goes bad, it goes bad! You got to run with it and keep up!

When technology goes bad, it goes bad! You got to run with it and keep up!

Hello Awesome People!

If you are running a Small Business (or even left your house lately) you will probably heavily rely on Technology in one Form or another. I have found that from a Marketers Viewpoint, we are often dealing with lots of Software, Technology and Hardware and the like, on a daily basis.

Today, Technology has been driving me Nuts, and it has Inspired me to write this blog. I woke up, ready to get on with my usual Busy Schedule of Appointments and Meetings, Business Expo, etc. I received an email with a Technical Issue beyond my control, which has affected my Automation Heavily.  (Totally impacting my Business and myself on so many Levels). It included:

– Facebook Advertising Updates causing havoc in my Account.

– My Samsung Galaxy S6 updating Apps, Freezing my ability to use it, and taking ages to re-boot, etc.

– Google Maps playing up on my phone and the “Hotspot” short-cut disappearing while I was trying to get somewhere.

– Running out of data on my 15 Gig Telstra WiFi Hotspot.

– Power running out on my Surface 3 Pro as I was halfway through working on it.

– Mailchimp malfunction, and not Displaying an emails correctly.

+ Many more! It just hasn’t been my day…

All this in just one day, with a series of Technology and Software just not Co-operating. Even though I am usually a Positive Guy I certainly to do feel a bit Defeated Right now, but I have to learn to control my Emotions, “Let It Go” and Delegate these Issues to the Professionals who can help me.

The True Reality is that sometimes everything might just happen all at once, and even though it may have been a really Stressful Experience for me Today. It will no doubt happen again sometime in the future, in a different form and it’s really made me think that we should always have a plan B, or a Back up Plan, Incase of Emergency where ever possible.

My lessons and painful reminders from all this? We Rely and are Dependent on so much Technology these days for our Own business Success. From simple things like our Phones working, to our Website loading – and you only need one of these things to go wrong can really Disrupt the Flow of our Businesses for the long run. Be thankful everyday, when nothing goes wrong, and make sure to have someone or a back up plan to help you through Resolving Issues that Arise when you are most Occupied with other Important Facets of your Business.

When it does happen, it can be very Distressful, with the obvious thought “What if I can’t fix this myself?” or “How long will all this last?”

What I have Learned and Practiced today is that, all you can do is your best with a Situation that is Out of Your Hand – is by Delegating and putting Trust on those Specialists whom you have set in place to Support your Business. In this scenario, my trusty Dedicated Web Agency has notified, and Jumped on top of the Problems in helping me with Resolve them, and thank Goodness for that.

Technology can be just hard at times, play up when you need it most, and sometimes we just have to run with it. Take Action, do what you need to do, keep an Eye on it and just don’t let it Freak you out too much. It happens!

Love your work, touch wood technology serves me better tomorrow.

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.



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