Hanging out and being Surrounded by 'Positive Can Do' people is everything these days. Thank you to Event Planner Ashleigh Dann for the inspiration!

Hanging out and being Surrounded by ‘Positive Can Do’ people is everything these days. Thank you to Event Planner Ashleigh Dann for the inspiration!

Hello Awesome People!

If you have ever worked in the Corporate Space or spent a bit of time in the workforce – you will probably relate to the Opposite of hanging out with people that know what they are doing.

I remember in particular, one Company I worked for (many years ago) was just full of odd people (with an exception of a few!).

As I recall, the owner of this Company actually got done for Federal Tax Evasion. If you did a great job, people would pick on you, people there would lie (and even stick to those lies when I showed them copy of emails to the contrary) andat times, would  pushed forward further in this Unethical direction – it was even more Strange , when they were actually Surprised when I finally decided to Resign.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt I will be telling my Grandchildren to come about this Experience and when I moved on from this Company, my following job was really good. I was surrounded by “Normal” people that Loved doing Great Quality work, as a Team, Helping people.

Today in my Business and Life, I am surrounded by Awesome people and I am lucky to have Attracted these Wonderful people. I recently met with Ash Dann (the WO-Man as we joked), an Ambitious Event Planner who gave me some great Ideas and Insights. What totally Impressed me about her was her very Clear Thinking and her love of “Event Planning”. It’s what she does, good at, she loves it and Ash can see herself having a long-term Future and Career within this Industry.

After I finished our Meeting, I thought “Wow – considering I was once Surrounded by morons, I feel that I am now Constantly surrounded and meeting totally Wonderful people these days”. I then asked myself “Why is that?”

The Probable truth is that with all the Experiences and Knowledge I have gathered over the years, maybe I am no longer the “Moron” I might have been once, as you know, “like attracts like”. I also recall that at stage in my life, where I was surrounded by a lot of Mean Spirited People and it had actually been a True Reflection on what was going on my Own Mind at the time. Be it I was Ignorant as a young man, being Selfish and Egotistic, not living with very High Personal, Ethical and Moral Standards / Expectations or worse – just going with the flow in the wrong Direction, and letting other people take Advantage of me.

My advice and thinking? Explore, Expand and Exponentially seek out Awesome people like Ash. You want to be surrounded by “Can-Do” people and this Rubs off in many ways. Be it they may become your Network of Clients, Business / Referral Partners, or at least just WONDERFUL Friends which we can all use. And at times, surrounding yourself with people Better than you, will also help you lift your Game, as it is true what they say, that you are “the Average of the five closest people you surround yourself with”.

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Love your work, and thank You for the read, enjoy the thoughts, Edward Zia sign out – Stay Awesome!!

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor and Business Leader who have worked for a very long time in Marketing and loves helping Awesome Small Business Owners get more clients.




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