Even if I am out all day on the road consulting and networking, I will get out my Surface 3 Pro and clean my emails as best as I can!  People love their problems solved fast and I don't like messages piling up!

Even if I am out all day on the road consulting and networking, I will get out my Surface 3 Pro and clean my emails as best as I can! People love their problems solved fast and I don’t like messages piling up!

One thing I have always prided myself on has been keeping up with my emails.

From my own Corporate Days, to my own Consulting Business – emails are one of those things that can work for you or really work against you.

Quite a few of my colleagues are with me on this one.  We know that when it comes to emails, you REALLY want to keep on top of them for a variety of reasons.  In my case (as agreeing with Matthew Craig on this one), the moment I exceed 20 unread emails in my Inbox I start getting very nervous and want to get onto it.  Some of the key reasons I think it’s critical to be on top of your emails are:

1) It keeps the stress down and stops you wondering!

2) You can respond to your clients quickly and deliver better service.

3) You can react to “Urgent” issues faster.

4) You don’t miss anything in the “Avalanche” of emails.

5) You keep your own projects and development moving.

6) Once you get on top of them it’s easy to stay on top.

7) It’s just good House-Keeping.

I know many great, brilliant business people out there that have literally hundreds (in some cases thousands) of unread emails.  When your Primary Email Account gets like this, it’s a massive problem in itself and invariably what happens in those many unread emails there are going to be situations of:

1) Client Orders that don’t get filled.

2) Client Questions that go unanswered.

3) Supplier questions that keep your projects sticking.

I have heard a few people here and there (who I think aren’t always telling the truth) give me the line “Oh Edward, I only check my emails every few days and people can wait”.  Hmm no! I don’t agree with this at all and I have plenty of clients & colleagues who are multi-millionaires who keep their emails in control.  One of the reasons why I think they are multi-millionaires is because they are the type of people who keep things in check and get things done quickly.

My advice and thinking? Emails are often the lifeblood of modern day communications and it’s like not answering your phone messages.  Be it clients, suppliers or people just asking questions / needing your help – put yourself in their position. If you have a problem you want it fixed now I bet?

The faster you respond to what people need, the easier your life becomes and the more they like you.

I trust that helps and yes, as I write this article my emails are up to date.  Touch wood it’s not too out of control by tomorrow morning.

About the Email Answering Author:

Edward Zia is a Marketing Mentor, Consultant, 4Networking Leader, Speaker and Lover of Awesome Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners based in Sydney Australia. He spends his days helping the business community with Ideas & Strategies to help his clients get more profitable clients with greater ease, success and automation.

To learn more, visit www.excellenceabove.com.au and he so invites you sign up for Free Awesome Sales & Marketing Strategies + Ideas. If you like what you see, check out his Online Success Course “The Awesome Marketing Vault” – right here and love your work!



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