It was a rocking honour today to ride the 1000m long TreeTop Crazy Rider with the Awesome Sarah Lockyer looking after me. Love her work!

It was a rocking honour today to ride the 1000m long TreeTop Crazy Rider with the Awesome Sarah Lockyer looking after me. Love her work!

If you know my insecure Persian Ego, you would surely know my love of doing things that are “The Best in the World” and coming up with original type of concepts.  Today, I was very lucky to get the Silver Service with the Awesome Sarah Lockyer of TreeTop Adventure Park.

I was very lucky to meet Sarah through the amazing Pip Scott-Allen and Sarah has been a fine delegate at our previous Sales & Marketing Workshops.  She gave me a massive referral to an awesome client in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and I said “Sarah – let me take you out to lunch”.

She countered my offer with a better offer, “No Ed! You come to Central Coast and I shall let you ride the “TreeTop Crazy Rider”, a 1km Rollercoaster Zip Line.  It is the largest zipline of it’s type in the world and check out some of the videos I have put below in the article.

In short, you get in a harness and are attached to literally a 1km line that is high up in the tree canopy that weaves through the forest. You are really high up and although I have little fear of heights it was quite daunting making that first step over the edge.

After the actual ride, I was able to have a great late lunch with Sarah and learn more about her work and what she does in helping manage the TreeTops across NSW.  She was quite an amazing character and gave reflection on how TreeTops has helped people change lives.  As an “Ex-Government” type of character who has done some extreme stuff which I take for granted (hasn’t everyone done Intelligence work and fought for their country?) I asked how so.

Sarah went onto explain how people have gone to TreeTops to conquer their phobias of heights once and for all!  She has told amazing stories of people who literally forced themselves to go against their fears.  I was enlightened by stories of people who would be in tears of joy who made themselves take the so called “Leap of Faith” over the edge to emerge transformed type of people.

This kind of blew me away.  My minor adrenaline rush was so enjoyable and people have used TreeTop Adventure Park to change their lives for the better by conquering “Fear of Heights” as a metaphor for everything else in their lives.

My lesson from today? Well Sarah is wonderful, TreeTop Adventure Park is Amazing, the “Crazy Rider” is worth it and if you have got a fear of heights, I know exactly how you can solve it.  Google “TreeTop Crazy Rider” now and take the first step to improving your life.

Thank you to Sarah Lockyer again and Canadian Pip of course! What a wonderful day…..

P.S See some Compelling Footage Below!




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    • You are awesomely kind and thank you again Sarah! I loved visiting you awesome people up the Awesome Central Coast. Love your work 🙂

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