The Awesome Ken O'Keefe from Ultimate Suspension is one amazing operator - a kind man who knows how to keep smiling during long projects and times of fatigue!

The Awesome Ken O’Keefe from Ultimate Suspension is one amazing operator – a kind man who knows how to keep smiling during long projects and times of fatigue!

I love my work and the great people I am connected to today.  At times people meet me (not so much anymore) and they think I am putting it all on. As they get to know me from month to month, they eventually figure it out “Wow, Edward’s put this on for years now – perhaps he must be the real thing!”

Because of my love and drive for what I do, usually about every three months I hit the wall.  YES, I have hit that point now and it’s usually a bit of a tough day or two for me. It started late yesterday and I was getting tired, a bit flat, slightly negative and having trouble keeping my eyes open.

It’s one of my quirks I think and I know quite a few people like this too.  They go for weeks, months very hard and they “Run of of Steam for a few days” much like I have now.   As I write this article I am with the Awesome Ken O’Keefe from the Ultimate Suspension and we were comparing notes on this fine topic.

I have known Ken for years and I have been very lucky to help him out with his work and even though I have been the one invoicing him, he has taught me some great lessons that just decades of experience shall teach.

As I have seen Ken go through some very tough times in business and life, what has inspired me about him has been his resolve to “Try and be positive” when you don’t feel like it naturally.  This has included seeing him coming back from say 17 hour flights from Dubai and being at work the same day, getting injuries and still doing physical work, carrying the stress and burdens of everyone relying on him and even more so – still smiling, networking and supporting people through the process.

I told him as I went in “Ken, I love what I am doing and boy I am worn out right now!”

He immediately laughed at me and said “I feel like that all the time!”.

Talking pure reality, there are times in business and life where you are JUST WORN OUT like I am now, negative thoughts may creep into your mind and you think how do I do it? As I am feeling that way right now, I thought what better time to capture my flatness and comment on it:

1) Eat a bit of comfort food.  Yes, I know it’s not the best long-term strategy but you can’t live on Wheatgrass Shots 24 / 7.

2) Remind yourself it’s temporary.  Keep it going and know it won’t last forever.

3) Think Happy Thoughts! It’s easy to get pulled down by negative / lame thinking at this time so stay out of it.

4) Do Urgent Work: Please get your urgent work done, however if there is optional development great to squeeze it out.

5) Have lots of Automation in your business: Of course before you wear out, make sure you have lots of automation.

6) Love your business. If you love your job you can push yourself.

7) Have a rest guy!

I trust these tips help and even writing them for the benefit of the thousands of awesome people like yourself that read my blog – I am even feeling better.

Love your work!

About the Author who loves a rest:

Edward Zia nicknamed “The Crazy Persian” is a Marketing Mentor, 4Networking Leader and loves helping Small Businesses get more Profitable Clients with Awesome 6 and 7 Figure Sales & Marketing Strategies.

Feel free to browse his blog “The Edward Files”, sign up for the Free Materials. If you love what you see and want to keep your learning going, Edward would love you to join his Online Community / Learning Centre “The Awesome Marketing Vault by Edward Zia” – Access it right here friends!



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