The joy of publishing your FIRST BLOG POST!

your-first-blog-just-rocks-edward-ziaAs I sit at my desk; it’s nice and sunny, 1:15PM and right now one of my fabulous clients is posting their first blog ever. This is really exciting for them and myself from many viewpoints.

I remember some years ago when I did my first blog post. I was actually really nervous about it in the respect of being judged, terrified of spelling mistakes and quite unaware of how things would play out. As I published my first blog (which I can’t even remember what it was about), the world didn’t end and I actually got some great response.

That was done socially and some many years later; I finally decided to become a ‘Blogger’ and blog everyday forever. That was about 2 years ago and since then it’s been a very profitable journey. I got my first client from blogging after 2 weeks and if I think back – it all started with my first blog. If I never posted my first blog, I never would have posted my second and third and it’s been a joyous part of my own business growth.

The reality of all this is, that my blogs today I think are great. I assess that on feedback, what I know is possible and how it helps me promote myself and my friends. Blogging is different yet very similar for everyone.

We have different businesses, have different ideas yet we all have the same challenge; we must write articles that interest the market so people follow what we do with some of them choosing to become our customers one day.

My advice and thinking on this one? Get out your first blog. It can be hard for many and take lots of work; but once you done it in a way it’s like you have cracked the dam.

You will then feel great about your next blog and your next blog after that. You can say that it all gradually comes together in massive style and strength. You can give yourself the thumbs up. Happy posting friends!

Love your work, thanks for the read and thank you awesome client for your bravery. Very nice and enjoy the rewards!

P.S. Thank you Fallout and Vault Boy for the image use / credit.