My day of DIVINE productivity!

i-love-jesus-and-donald-trump-trumpIt’s 4:36PM as I write this blog in the beautiful Asian Food area hidden above Chatswood Station in North Shore of Sydney.

It’s stylish, it’s chic, the Red Velvet Hot Chocolate I am drinking now is just fantastic and I am now ‘busy waiting’ for a great business event that starts at 6PM.

As I work away with a smile, I have kind of realised how productive I have been today. I mean I have been really productive thanks to my Microsoft Surface 4 Pro and Telstra 4G.

My day actually started with my alarm going off at 5AM. My work started at 6AM today and from writing articles, seeing clients, a bit meeting with Hills Shire Council and answering emails; my work has flowed today.

I thought for the moment in that imagine if I didn’t have my Surface and my phone? I would have a stack of emails pilling up, upset clients, no posts on Facebook and when I do get home – I would be destroyed by a flood of emails.

Through technology I am able to keep up to date with my work, enjoy it in comfort with the full power of a Desktop PC in the body of a tablet and keep a sound peace of mind in that that I know my work is done and I am a responsible person.

I even popped into Hillsong Church today it’s been that powerful and productive.

My secret and lessons? It’s great technology. If it wasn’t for this powerhouse technology, there is no way I would earn what I do and my business wouldn’t be anywhere near as advanced. Also, I wouldn’t have my reputation as getting work done quickly.

It’s quite amazing actually and even though I have had technology all along; it really hit home today in how powerful it’s made my business and the comfort it’s given me. Make sure you have powerful technology backing you. You can only produce work as great as your tools, so get into the best you have available so you can succeed in style.

Of course Telstra and Microsoft rocks. Go check them out. Fast internet, a great laptop / PC tablet – you’re in the zone.

Love your work, thank you for the read and thank you capitalism for these great devices!