It’s much easier to work in BEAUTIFUL places! (Thank you Sofitel Wentworth)

Sofitel Wentworth is a beautiful place for business and we all love it!

Sofitel Wentworth is a beautiful place for business and we all love it!

When it comes to business, marketing, entrepreneurship, getting more done and impressing clients; it’s all much easier in beautiful places.

For me it’s been exactly that and all over Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane I have wonderful places where I meet people and have great meetings.

Talking Sydney, my favourite is meetings at the Sofitel Wentworth in Sydney CBD. It’s visually beautiful, the staff are incredible, the food options are great and when people see if it for the first time you get that ‘pause and wow’ type of reaction.

I met a wonderful new client this evening there and they reacted in that way of ‘wow’ as we both walked into the wonderful lobby. It made them feel great, make me look good and as we worked away in the Bar / Restaurant there it was a stylish way of getting more done and staying super productive.

I have had meetings before in not so wonderful places and it negatively impacts on you. You can tell that people aren’t impressed, but they are being ‘polite’ and not saying what you know is rightfully going through their minds.

My advice and thinking? Meet people only in wonderful places. Sofitel is a wonderful example of that and depending on wherever you are based it’s great to think through the options.

Meeting in a great venue drives the likelihood of positive outcomes from a meeting and where winning & losing doesn’t happen by ‘much’ any edge you can get is great.

Nice venues rock and they make you look like you rock! I think that rocks!

Love your work, thank you for the read and here is to wonderful venues!