Dealing with ‘Fan Mail’

I added the love hearts afterwards in Picmonkey FYI

I added the love hearts afterwards in Picmonkey FYI

It had lightly difficult situation some time ago where a visitor to one of my events was causing lots of trouble for people. From overselling, to creepy harassment; I got multiple complaints about this person where I had to take action.

I made the call to remove them from the community to protect everyone’s safety.

We all suspected this person wasn’t in a good frame of mind and it looks like we were correct! Upon removing them from the good I got a chain of abusive messages which vindicated our thinking and felt just wonderful!

It was pretty crazy actually in that when I got the ‘fan mail’ (*sarcasm*) I was in a really good mood and I stayed in that fantastic mood.

I reflected back only just 6 months in that getting an email like that would have totally thrown me out of the zone upsetting me on many levels. These days it’s another ‘day in the office’ and my big lesson and realisation has been the importance of getting used to people saying crazy stuff to you.

As we get more successful, more powerful and must make difficult decisions; we at times make ‘friends’ that just love sharing with us how much they ‘love’ us. I speak to lots of people who have had experiences like this which have totally emotionally devastated them and that’s okay. It happens wonderful people to all of us and we must be strong.

My advice and thinking? Whenever you get abused it’s always good to ask yourself if you are in the wrong. If not, don’t let it get to you and realise it’s all the other person.

I used to work for the government a long time ago and I dealt with many situations of this nature.

It’s cool, so get used to it and even start to love it. Like me, you may even find it funny after a while (which I do).

Love your work, I love ‘fan mail’ and stay awesome friends!