Taking advantage of your ‘Negative’ circumstances

I love Gladys Berejiklian MP!

I love Gladys Berejiklian MP!

I was a bit annoyed today. Me of all people get impatient and annoyed? (lol).

It’s certainly not easy being high Dominance / Director according to the wonderful DISC profile in that you can get grumpy, impatient and thrown of out the zone when things don’t go your way.

The upside of all this is that you are incredible at getting stuff done and I had a great example of this playing out.

It was a beautiful Sunday and we were meeting some friends for a picnic. It was ‘Pot Luck’ in that we all bring a plate each and share what we have. We brought some food with us and as we went, we quickly realised that there isn’t much food at all with many people starving to death or using crackers for some form of physical sustenance.

The decision was for me to go to a nearby fish and chip shop to save the day and with hungry bellies (myself included) I headed to a local place.


It was only 1:00PM on Sunday and I was totally thrown out of the zone. I was really annoyed and then went onto the next nearby place another 10 minutes away.

As I was being incredibly immature with my unnecessary huffing and puffing; I approached the next Fish and Chip shop everything just turned wonderful! If things happen for a reason, this was certainly true today. Great things happened:

–          Nearby to the fish and chip shop was the office of our wonderful Liberal Premier Gladys Berejiklian MP. I took a selfie outside which was extremely popular on Facebook.

–          It also inspired the idea for this blog.

–          The fish & chip shop was incredible.

–          They had HOMEMADE tartare sauce. Not those dumb little packets, but HOMEMADE.

–          It was wonderful.

–          I then got back with the fish and chips to hungry people at the picnic and everyone loved me.

I then realised how immature I was for getting so worked up whereby all these wonderful events occurred because of my inconvenience. In fact, writing this blog is making me even realise how dumb my thinking was and this certainly fits into the category of ‘First World Problems’.

My advice and thinking? In business and life negative things happen. Some very serious and some not-serious (like me today). In whatever goes against you, make sure you take advantage of what comes up.

I have gone for big clients to miss out on them, only to find someone way better the next day. I got really sick a few weeks back with the flu and it gave me a chance to finally rest. I once got fired from my job which inspired me to start my business today.

I even once almost died and was in a coma for weeks which ended my Military / Government Career in my early 20s. If that never happened, there is no way I would have become a Marketing Mentor. I would probably be high up in the Australian Government right now doing lots of ‘secret squirrel’ stuff. I think what I do now is way cooler than that.

Be open to what the world throws at you.

Love your work, thank you for the read and stay awesome friends!