My pal Jillian

My awesome pal Jillian Bullock. She rocks and I wish I stayed in more contact!

My awesome pal Jillian Bullock. She rocks and I wish I stayed in more contact!

It was many years ago in a very different time that I was staring at my PC and a LinkedIn message came through.

These days I get about 20 messages a day through LinkedIn, but in that era I was an unknown figure and a LinkedIn message was a talking point.

The message was not the typical email you get from someone trying to sell you a website, SEO or even trying to cat fish you. It was kind, warm and from someone who you can tell is an incredible person looking to make serious connections.

We met for lunch at a fantastic Greek Taverna with originally an hour pencilled in. That hour turned into 3 and we became ‘besties’ for at least a short while through business networking breakfasts we were involved in.

My new friend Jillian Bullock, ‘The LinkedIn Ninja’ is an incredible character and she taught me a lot about LinkedIn that formed much of my later thinking in how I profit from LinkedIn. We ran shared webinars, workshops, referred clients to each other and became wonderful friends.

Then we lost contact! This was probably more my fault as I relocated my business to Sydney CBD, but I got a message again after some years apart passed.

It was the wonderful Jillian asking to meetup and we did like a day has not gone by. It was wonderful, we have reconnected and are working together again. I am pumped and very excited.

My advice and thinking? I look back on Jillian and wish I stayed in better contact with her. There are many wonderful people from my past that I have been reconnecting and it’s a great feeling. You can do business again, share opportunities, motivate each other and have lots of great fun.

Don’t lose contact with wonderful people! That is my big lesson.

Love your work, thank you for the read and you rock Jillian Bullock! (Wonderful to reconnect).