Instant Street Credibility: Write a Book!

Wayne Wanders' 'Avoid The Poverty Trap' is a great example of a book done well. Instant Cred!

Wayne Wanders’ ‘Avoid The Poverty Trap’ is a great example of a book done well. Instant Cred!

As I sit at my lovely Windows 10 Touch Screen HP Desktop PC right now I am quite impressed at Wayne Wanders’ book “Avoid the Poverty Trap”.

With a RRP of $34.95; its part inspiration and part mechanics in how to get your funds in order so you don’t wind up old and broke like many tragically do.

Wayne is preaching to the choir with me reading it and when you actually get into the detail of the book it not only gives me solemn reminders of what to do; but it really continues to build up Wayne as a money leader in my mind.

This is exactly what books are great for – giving one instant, authentic credibility and placing one apart from others in a very crowded market.

‘Book Writing’ is a great marketing strategy which is up there with blogging, article writing and of and public speaking. Once you have the book it’s one of the best leveraged marketing tools out there.

With a book written by your good looking self, it unlocks a lot of abilities that can help you win including:

– Selling the actual book (especially as you get popular).

– Giving it away as a ‘take home’ at speaking events.

– Making it ‘required reading’ for your clients to give more value.

– Enticing the media to give you airtime.

– Warming people through your sales-pipeline with NO extra work.

As a blogger myself, I may even write a book one day which is a collection of my hero blogs. It maybe ‘Memoirs of a Homeless Marketer’ or something cool like that (reflecting on my story of settling in Sydney and starting my new life here). Who knows what I will come up? 🙂

My advice and thinking? Point being friends is that depending on what floats your boat and where you are in business; writing a book maybe a great move for you.

It does take time, money, training and effort to get it done – however, if it fits into your Marketing Strategy and helps you will want to consider it closely. Once you have the book all printed and with you it can help you become a ‘Marketing Juggernaut’ to win with style and strength.

Thank you Wayne for the book and inspiration; check out his website here!

Stay awesome, get a copy of his book and keep an eye out for mine one day…