Getting exposure and winning WITHOUT the MAINSTREAM MEDIA

Trump is doing it direct - a great move! (Credit Infowars)

Trump is doing it direct – a great move! (Credit Infowars)

Whilst I was working out this morning, I saw a fantastic article from Infowars talking about how President Trump is going to ‘shut out the mainstream media’.

I had a strong feeling that Trump was going to take this course of action and if I was him; I would do exactly the same thing.

Even in Australia, almost all of the mainstream media continually attacked him personally, went after his family, kept twisting his statements and were beyond mean to him. It is with no surprise he is going to move on without them and if you think about it – Trump conquered both the Mass Media and Hollywood with Twitter and Facebook.

It’s quite a pity actually – I know lots of people in the mass media who are amazing, however some outlets have tragically made everyone look bad.

Many of his Tweets on Twitter would get more exposure than a whole day of most media stations and the beauty of this is that he was no longer being held hostage to the media like they would in the old days. He gets exactly his message out with no distortion, no tweaking the way he intends.

Talking to my own success and learnings too; I have put a lot of time and energy into getting mass media attention for myself. I have had some bites, but in terms of ‘Return / Time’ it’s been far better doing it myself.

For example, I only spend $10 / day on Facebook and I have reached over 57,000 people in the last 28 days as I write this article. Unless I say get on Prime Time TV anytime soon; getting an article here and there is fairly lacklustre compared to what I can do on Social Media.

Interestingly if you spoke to me say 12 – 18 months ago, I used to hold the media in a much higher regard. However myself and many of my incredibly wealthy inner circle are finding that the ‘good old’ mass media isn’t as great as it used to be.

I couldn’t care less anymore whether mass media picks me up or not in that through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like I can get way more exposure. That is what Donald Trump did and many of the cool bloggers / commentators I follow on YouTube.

My advice and thinking friends? Don’t worry too much about chasing the mass media. Most people I know who have cracked it lately have just got popular themselves and the media comes begging to them.

Put your time and energy into what gives you the true return. I my case, Social Media – I LOVE IT!

Time / energy / cost / output all matters. Hence I love you FB!

Thank you for the read, thank you Infowars for the great article + inspiration and stay awesome!

P.S. Mass media, feel free to prove me wrong and invite me on Prime TV. I will then apologise for this post, Live to millions 🙂