Martha Arifin spoke in tonights Awesome Webinar and I got some great insights. Loved it!

Martha Arifin spoke in the Awesome Webinar giving some great insights. Loved it!

I was very lucky yet again to be working with the awesome Martha Arifin tonight on our latest webinar ‘Creating Your Profitable Online Product & Membership Site’. We had a great crowd interested in learning more about this real niche of an area.

This isn’t for everyone, but for some it’s just perfect. For me especially, I love my business, my clients & what I do. About 6 months ago I was totally capped out workload wise and for me – the only way to grow is have some form of Leverage & Automation.

Creating the Online Mentoring Program ‘The Awesome Marketing Vault’ was the answer for me with tonight’s webinar being the chance to reflect on how I have done it and learn from my awesome business partner Martha.

In this case, I got some great insights from listening to Martha that I would love to share with you all when it comes to creating your profitable Online Product:

1. Consideration: Really think it through and make it part of your business.

2. Foundation: Make sure your business is working first before you ‘Productize’ it.

3. Connection: People don’t buy content, they buy communities. Of course you need content, but they need connection and the opportunity to interact.

4. Planning: Plan it well first and then technically map it out.

5. Implementation: This can be quite a long part of the project and you want to get it right.

6. Expectations: If you want to earn a bit of money here and there – just work harder in what you are doing. Online Products & Membership sites are hard work, but for high return.

7. Continually Work at it: Make it part of your business and just continually work on it as part of things.

There is a lot more to do it and I always like to say that you ‘Learn by Teaching’. Enjoy the tips, check out The Vault if you want to learn more and of course – Stay Awesome!



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