From moving boxes on Sunday, to being licked by a Dawg to handing over business cards - be ready for awesome events to come!

From moving boxes on Sunday, to being licked by a Dawg to handing over business cards – be ready for awesome events to come!

It’s been an awesomely busy Sunday – very reflective of some of my client facing days where I may be back to back for 12 hours!

Business has been awesome lately and I have been blessed with a great flow of awesome clients and people who I genuinely want to see Grow, Succeed & Prosper.

Today was a very funny day and one thing I have always said in business is that you never know when a potential opportunity shall come up. My better half had to move offices today and I was with her lugging boxes of books and equipment from Level 9 to the Ground Floor.

She intelligently sold some of her office furniture to a lovely woman through Gum Tree who hired a van to come and pick it up. When she arrived, she had a nice big black dog on her seat. The lovely woman was double parked and it was the fast and most funniest situation I have had all weekend.

Both her and my other half had to go upstairs to trade cash for the furniture and I was told to sit in this woman’s van with her big black dog. The dog was awesome! He jumped on me and worked very hard to lick my face (which was just nice) and he probably smelt cat on me.

When the woman and my better half came back 10 minutes later, I found out she was a brand new Entrepreneur Accountant. I introduced myself to her, happened to have a card on me and even an invite to our upcoming Free Sales & Marketing Workshop.

I had my gym bag with me and yes, I have flyer tickets and business cards in there. You just never know who you are going to meet, so it’s always great to be prepared.

Who knows, she may have thrown out my card and flyer (I doubt it though, she was really nice) – it may sit on her desk for 3 months and then one-day she thinks ‘I need some Marketing Help & Business Growth, I am going to call Ed!’

From moving furniture, to sitting in a strangers van with her dog, to meeting a possible client – the truth is that we never know what is going to come next.

My advice and thinking? Be prepared. Not just for bad things, but for AWESOME THINGS!

Love your work, thank you for the read and of course – Stay Awesome!



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