In the zone: “Cruise with the Europeans 2017”

The 'Cruise with the Europeans 2017' was a total hit on many levels. I love their work!

The ‘Cruise with the Europeans 2017’ was a total hit on many levels. I love their work!

As my voice slowly recovers, I work through my following up and respond to lots of questions from the wonderful community; I come out with the great news for those holding their breath on this event.

I booked in quite early for the “Cruise with the Europeans 2017” as part of my Australian British Chamber of Commerce experience, with many wondering how it would play out.

In short, it was one of the top events in town. Here is my breakdown as to why:

–          An incredible, high value and friendly crowd.

–          I got 3 x high value leads.

–          The food and hospitality were great.

–          The pricing was very fair and reasonable.

–          IT WAS A CRUISE!

As the event played out, it was 3 x levels of Networking action and it was so busy. You had to basically ‘fight your way’ throughout the ship getting through crowds of people, trying to eat & hold your balance and staying on point.

I loved it. It totally fit my view of what a Networking Event should be a about.

My advice and thinking? The European Chambers of Commerce in Sydney are brilliant, and I have had top experiences. I am a member / advocate for British Chamber and I have recently started to discover the other characters. Italian Chamber, Swedish Chamber, the German’s – you have whole EU in action.

If you are in Sydney check them out big time. If you aren’t, do a search of your local area. You shall find something wonderful.

Great event, I love their work and very awesome!

P.S. Thank you Paula Dunn, Kristine Bell and the wonderful British Chamber for doing your part. Very powerful.