I wrote my blog M’KAY!

Missing blogs are bad M'KAY!

Missing blogs are bad M’KAY!

It’s 12:39AM (yes post-midnight) as I write my blog today. Technically I have missed doing a blog the day before against my own mandate to do a blog every day.

Believe it or not; I have a semi reasonable excuse. I ran one of the best workshops of my life (thank you to everyone involved) and then on the way back my wonderful wife’s car has some problems.

It’s a very new Skoda and we had it serviced just several days ago. It appears to be some type of computer fault that when triggered totally takes out performance. As a result, we had to wait till the NRMA came and then eventually a tow truck to take it a service centre.

By the time this all played out, we got home (with a young baby) at 12:30AM.

Part of my thought, well it’s okay if I missed a blog today?

Then the REAL part of my kicked in and said NO WAY.

Edward, you are going to write a blog now and it’s going to be wonderful!

Although I cannot guarantee that my blog tonight is wonderful, I can guarantee too you that I have stuck to my own discipline which is a great feeling.

My advice and thinking? Stuff happens. Things go against us. However, don’t let it take you down. Do what you must to stay ahead, keep winning and please yourself against your own standards.

I have tonight and loved it. By sticking to my own schedule it’s making me feel wonderful!

You rock, thank you for the read, hope you enjoyed, thank you Mr. Mackey from South Park and love your work! (as he inspired me to write this article).