Everyone LOVES people that CARE (Thank you Hayley & Ian Brown)

Hayley and Ian Brown were two wonderful people that I met at the Northern Rivers Business Awards 2017!

Hayley and Ian Brown were two wonderful people that I met at the Northern Rivers Business Awards 2017!

I was sitting at the Sofitel Wentworth on my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 thinking that it’s time to write a blog. Be it a few long days or afternoon fatigue (that only chocolate can fix); I was going ‘mentally blank’ on what I was going to write about.

I then started thinking about what makes people successful as entrepreneurs. Businesses are very complex entities (regardless of what we do) and up came on my Facebook feed a wonderful photo of me being shared online with the wonderful Hayley & Ian Brown from Horn’s Gas Service (visit their website here).

During my wonderful trip to the Northern Rivers Business Awards in Byron Bay (thank you NSW Business Chamber), I met this wonderful POWER COUPLE at the event and totally clicked with them.

They were incredible finalists and before long I found out that they were popular, well liked and highly respected individuals of the area. Everyone knew them, they were loved by all and I realised that they pull a lot of power in the area.

As I spoke to them and befriended them, it didn’t take long to realise why they are so powerful and well respected.

  • It’s because they really LOVE what they do and CARE about their work!

It reminded me of myself in that I apply the same level of reasoning to what I do. As these people are serious professionals that take pride in the quality of work (beyond the money), they are obviously really good at in and people love them.

This was the afternoon inspirational thought I was after. When you love what you do and care for the outcomes, the ‘Marketing’ becomes that much easier.

That is; we do what we love and if we love what we do, the MARKETING IS EASY!

My advice and thinking? Love what you do. If you don’t. QUIT! CHANGE! Do something wonderful which you can totally care about without trying.

Love your work, thank you Hayley & Ian for being so friendly at the awards and love your work!

P.S. Visit the Horn’s Gas Service Website here!