Winning, but leaving your old life behind

I had to give up excess chocolate consumption to succeed. Yes, I am sad about that (lol).

I had to give up excess chocolate consumption to succeed. Yes, I am sad about that (lol).

Today was an incredible day which got me thinking on a very deep level. To be straight with you (as I always am), an air of melancholy surrounded me today.

I was grateful to help MC a massive event with one of my wonderful long-term clients that I have worked with from the early days of my business. It reminded me as to the much quieter days of my early business where I had time to relax, enjoy and temporarily escaped the normal fun speed of my Sydney CBD life.

One of the clients managers told me that they are moving onto a new role as well. Understandably, they were experiencing a strong degree of mixed emotions in terms of how they are happy they are advancing, but they feel sad about ending part of their old life.

If they only realised that they described the way I felt in how my business has grown, changed and evolved. These days I meet lots of wonderful people, speak at incredible events, work with lots of people and life is just wonderful as it grows.

People rightfully expect more of me and I deal with wonderful complex situations all the time. As this has all played out, I have had to leave parts of my old life behind. The overeating, wasting lots of time, taking ages to simple jobs, working at a slow pace and all these vices have been left behind as I choose to move on and achieve more in life.

I have also moved on from incredible people, certain environments, clients and situations that I once loved but is part of natural change.

As I reflect on the conversation with my friend today it all comes down to how ‘winning’ works. When we win, we leave parts of our old life behind to embrace the new. In this all playing out, I have really learned that ‘winning’ is not only going for something, it’s choosing to leave something behind. When we do this, being ‘sad’ is totally cool and part of the journey.

My advice and thinking? In whatever success you have, leaving parts of your old life behind is very normal. Be it where you live, friends, people, places; it has its toll on us. It’s okay to be sad!

One of my old Pakistani friends who lives in Australia said he always missed his Persian Cats from back home. I get it! As you move on in business, life and the like; be ready to embrace the new and ‘miss the old’ every now and then. That’s cool. I find the less we fight that feeling the better.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!