2 years later: My NEW life with NSW Business Chamber

The NSW Business Chamber has created incredible opportunities for business, fun and growth. (thank you Shane, Nathalie and Jamie!).

The NSW Business Chamber has created incredible opportunities for business, fun and growth!

After a wonderful business trip with NSW Business Chamber to Byron Bay (as one of the judges for the business awards), I have been taking pace and thinking through my experiences with this wonderful organisation over the past 2 years.

Firstly, the profitability of my business has more than doubled and I am not ashamed to admit that I couldn’t have done it without their massive help, network and support.

Interestingly as I reflect on my first visit of NSW Business Chamber, they were very supportive and gave me the opportunity to prove to them I could be trusted. I invited people, they took notice. I got clients and did a great job, they took notice. They gave me some consulting work that I delivered on, they took notice. They got me to help at an event, they took notice. They got me up on stage in front of hundreds where I delivered, they took notice.

They keep giving more opportunities to prove myself and every time I do I get more exposure, more new clients and opportunities to shine. As I think this all through it’s been an incredible experience and my life is incredible with the business they have helped me create.

For those that are detail / proof oriented like me, I would like to share the reasons with you as to how it’s worked out for me:

–          New Clients from a quality crowd: The people are incredible giving me a high calibre client.

–          The referrals are quality: Successful people are friends with successful people. The referrals are wonderful.

–          It’s improved my confidence: As I have grown and thrived in a top of town environment, it’s made me believe in myself more to take on more missions.

–          Powerful influential connections: I have met incredible business leaders, multi-millionaires, political and spiritual leaders as a result. It’s wonderful.

–          The exposure and positioning: I get seen by hundreds per event and it’s led to many wonderful leads.

–          Leverage and saving time: As I get so many wonderful people as clients, I don’t need to work hard to get new clients.

–          Happiness: Who doesn’t want to be associated with the best in town?

It’s been a life changing revolution and it’s created such wonderful situations with even joining the wonderful Tribal Warrior Team in Redfern for 6AM Wednesday workouts (it’s been wonderful).

My advice and thinking? If you are in NSW check out the Chamber it’s incredible. If you from my wonderful city, check out your local business chamber and find a wonderful organisation you can be part of.

My take on all this is that it must be win / win. Being that the Chamber enriches your life and equally you fit in with them where they love your work.

Thank you NSW Business Chamber! You have changed my life and I love your work.

Visit their wonderful website here.

Thanks for the read and YOU ROCK.

P.S. Thank you Shane, Jamie & Nathalie. Best photoe ver.