Entrepreneur RANTS whilst flying from Gold Coast to Sydney (thank you QANTAS!)

My mind goes very hyperactive without internet. It's extremely useful (and slightly dangerous).

My mind goes very hyperactive without internet. It’s extremely useful (and slightly dangerous).

It’s 1:52PM Sunday as I write this article WITH NO INTERNET.

Yes, I have no internet right now and I am just typing into my Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

No internet. Even though my device is fully functional, it just feels quite lifeless without a connection to the global network of people.

As the flight has reached cruising altitude, it’s my chance to think creatively and document my actual decisions made and think without the distractions of the net around.

Once key realisation I have had in my business lately is the importance of growing my amount of leads and new clients coming in. The big problem of many businesses is that regardless of how many clients you have, some finish up!

Even though my business has grown more than 30% year on year, it’s important to keep the momentum up big time!

What is critical is growing my leads through leveraged means of working smarter and not harder. The hard way is to meet more people one on one. The easy way is to bring more wonderful people to my workshops.

One point about business is that regardless of how good you are (in fact being good can speed this up), is that people move on and some just don’t gel with what you do. Talking to the positive, you have your wonderful ‘inner circle’ of customers who are wonderful, awesome and make your business fun, dynamic and happening.

One of my key realisations is that I have been putting too much energy into those that finish up with me which upon logical discussion sounds incredibly dumb.

Think about it this way; if someone finishes up with your services and they are happy – that is a great thing and they probably have reached the place they want with what you do. Best of luck to them and of course they door is open for them to return anytime.

The reality is though that one needs tons of new clients coming in to replace those that finish up with more to then also grow the business. For whatever bizarre reason, I have placed a lot of unnecessary emotional energy into those that finish up where I MUST be placing into those new wonderful clients coming in.

I have found that I am certainly not the only one running this mental fallacy of worrying about people that have moved on, whilst there are wonderful new people in front of you that require the tender love and nurturing to join.

For me, my decision from the trip is to ‘mentally’ move on from these people and focus my energy into more Marketing to invite new and wonderful people into the community.

This includes:

–          Growing my events (already in progress) from 15 to 30 people per fortnight.

–          Focusing personally on wonderful people I would love in the community.

–          Putting out daily videos on both LinkedIn and Facebook promoting exactly what I do.

Basically, it’s upgrading my Marketing to keep the business growing nicely the way I like.

My advice and thinking wonderful friends? If you aren’t on a flight but get some spare time, turn off your phone and stay away from people. Go somewhere nice on your own to expand your creativity so you can come up with new improvements for your business.

I most certainly have and it feels great! Continuing to win requires continual changes and improvements based on the results we get.

For me that is exactly the above which I have started too, but will put much harder into play.

Thank you for the read, appreciate all the likes & shares and LOVE YOUR WORK!